View from Lisbon's Santa Catarina scenic viewpoint

205 Things to do in Lisbon – The Ultimate Guide

Updated 9/26/23. Welcome to 205 Things to do in Lisbon – The Ultimate Guide. I have included all of the must-see historical sites, museums, tours, scenic viewpoints, and restaurants, in Lisbon, and more! There is something here for everyone!

1. Visit the castle

Castelo de São Jorge is one of the most popular sights in all of Portugal. This hilltop has been settled for as long as there have been people in the area. The first fortress was built in 1 BC.  The Moors controlled the castle in the 12th century until Afonso Henrique and his crusading knights seized it in 1147.  Not long after, Afonso united much of the territory and became the first king of Portugal. 

To visit pay 10€.  Ages 13-25 5€.  Seniors pay 8.50€  The castle opens at 9 am and is open until 7 pm from November until February, and open until 9 pm between March and October.  For more information, read my In and around Castelo de São Jorge – Lisbon’s castle

You can avoid climbing up the hill by taking bus 737 from Praça da Figueira to the door of the castle.

Bridge leading into Castelo de São Jorge,Lisbon

2. Miradouro Santa Luzia

Miradouro de Santa Luzia is a beautifully landcaped belvedere overlooking Alfama and the Tejo River
Miradouro de Santa Luzia overlooks Alfama and the Tejo River and is one of the top things to do while in Lisbon.

If you ride Tram 28, you will feel the need to hop off at Miradouro Santa Luzia! As you look out from the tram, you will see a white chapel with a small plaza in front.

There is a small pool, and colorful pink bougainvillea flowers are everywhere. You see blue and white azulejo tiles on the walls, and an arbour with more bougainvillea flowers.

A half wall overlooks the Tejo River and the Alfama neighborhood.

This scenic viewpoint has to be one of the most romantic spots in Lisbon. To learn more read my: Miradouro de Santa Luzia – one of the best places to take photos in Lisbon

3. Miradouro das Portas do Sol

Alfama rooftops seen from the Miradouro das Portas do Sol viewpoint. You can also see the belltowers of São Vicente de Fora Church, and the dome of the National Pantheon
Alfama rooftops seen from the Miradouro das Portas do Sol viewpoint. You can also see the belltowers of São Vicente de Fora Church, and the dome of the National Pantheon

If you didn’t get off the tram at Santa Luzia, there is another scenic viewpoint 50 meters higher up the road. This is the larger Miradouro das Portas do Sol viewpoint. Miradouro means “golden view” and Portas do Sol are the “Sun Gates.”

Here you will find a grand statue of St. Vincent, a large terrace patterned in black and white cobblestones, options for a drink or a snack, and fantastic views of Alfama and the river.

From here, you can go uphill to the Miradouro da Graça (half a kilometer, uphill), or turn and head uphill toward the castle, or start heading downhill to the lower parts of Alfama. To learn more, see my: Miradouro Portas do Sol viewpoint – What you need to know

4. Sé Cathedral

Baptismal Font, Cathedral de Sé, Lisbon Portugal,
Baptismal Font, Cathedral de Sé

Lisbon’s fortresslike Sé Cathedral  (Sé is the seat of the bishop) was built in 1147 on the site of a former mosque. 

It is one of the oldest buildings you can see in Lisbon. It is just before the Santa Luzia and Portas do Sol viewpoints.

Read my Lisbon Cathedral | All you need to know before you go

5. St. Anthony’s Church

 Directly across the street from the cathedral, this church was built on the site where St. Anthony was born.  As a boy, he attended church in the cathedral across the street and later lived as a monk at the São Vicente de Fora monastery. Read my to learn more about St. Anthony’s Church.

6. São Vicente de Fora Monastery

Tomb of one of the Meninos de Palhavã at Lisbon's São Vicente de Fora Monastery. The most notable feature of the tomb is the carved human skull on top.
Tomb of one of the Meninos de Palhavã at Lisbon’s São Vicente de Fora Monastery.

in addition to being the monastic home of Saint Anthony, this monastery holds one of the largest collections of blue and white azulejo tile in Lisbon. 

Below the monastery, you can see a cistern that dates to 1100, and you can see tombs of crusaders who helped capture Lisbon from the Moors. Enjoy the two beautiful cloisters. Upstairs, there is a museum of sacred items. You will find more azulejo tiles, illustrating the Fables of LaFontaine, and there is a large collection of seashells gathered from all around Portugal.

You can also step out on the roof for great views of Lisbon and the river. Read my Visit São Vicente de Fora in Lisbon: Everything you need to know

7. Santa Engracia – The National Pantheon

Steps, facade, and dome of Lisbon's Santa Engracia - the National Pantheon of Portgual

The National Pantheon of Portugal is where several of the country’s heroes are buried. You will see the graves of footballer Eusébio, as well as fado singer Amália Rodrigues among the tombs of many writers and presidents.

In addition, there are monuments to other heroes such as Vasco da Gama and Henry the Navigator, who are buried elsewhere. The National Pantheon is the large domed building that can be seen from across the river or various other Lisbon viewpoints.

But you can also go up to the roof and check out the view from there. The dome in Lisbon, Santa Engrácia – The National Pantheon of Portugal

8. Jerónimos Monastery

Cloisters of Jerónimos Monastery, Lisbon
Cloisters of Jerónimos Monastery, Lisbon

Along with the Torre de Belém, this monastery is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  Built on the site where Vasco da Gama and the explorers prayed before a journey, the monastery opened in 1495. Visiting the monastery is absolutely one of the best things to do in Lisbon.

9. Monument to the Discoveries

Monument to the Discoveries, Lisbon.  Henry the Navigator is at the front of the boat, followed by explorers, cartographers, poets,, and missionaries

Also known as the Padrão dos Descobrimentos, this 20th-century monument pays tribute to Henry the Navigator and the Portuguese Age of Discovery. 

You can go to the top of this sailboat-shaped monument. It is located across the street from the Jerónimos Monastery. Read more: Lisbon’s Monument to the Discoveries | Everything you need to know

10. Belém Tower

The sun is beginning to go down behind Lisbon's Belém Tower
The sun is beginning to go down behind Lisbon’s Belém Tower

Built between 1514 and 1519, the tower is officially known as the Torre de São Vicente.  You can go inside the tower of this UNESCO World Heritage Site and enjoy the viewing deck. For more information: Surprising Belém Tower facts

11. Free walking tour

Lisbon Chill-Out Free Tour is one of many groups offering free walking tours of the city. Tours leave from Praça Luís de Camões every day at 10 am and 3 pm.

Advanced registration is necessary.  Don’t forget to tip your guide.

12. MAAT Museum of Art, Architecture, and Technology

This riverside museum is known for its architectural style, and you can walk on the roof of the building for river views, but the older part of the museum campus was the first power plant in Lisbon, and you can explore that as well. Visit Lisbon’s Museum of Art, Architecture, and Technology (MAAT)

13. Coach Museum

The royal coach of Dom Pedro V at the National Coach Museum in Lisbon, Portugal

This museum in the Belém neighborhood has a huge collection of royal coaches and carriages.  It is the most popular museum in the city. Learn more in my article National Coach Museum – one of the best carriage museums in the world

14. Lisbon Quake Experience

Guests enter the interactive adventure in Professor Luís's study at Lisbon Quake Experience.
Guests enter the interactive adventure in Professor Luís’s study at Lisbon Quake Experience.

One of Lisbon’s newest museums, You will learn about science, architecture, and history at this interactive space. You will put yourself in the seat of one of the decision-makers who had to rebuild Lisbon after the 1755 earthquake. Learn more in my Visit the new Quake Lisbon Earthquake Experience

15. Ajuda National Palace

An ornate clock in a brilliantly painted blue room at Lisbon's Palacio Nacional da Ajuda

The home of Portuguese kings from 1795 until 1910. Ajuda is just next door to the Belém neighborhood. Ajuda National Palace: A quick guide

16. Royal Treasure Museum

Royal necklaces held at the Museu do Tesouro Real (Royal Treasure Museum), Lisbon

In the west wing of the Ajuda National Palace, the Royal Treasure Museum requires a separate admission fee.  You will be able to see the crown, royal jewels, medals, and gifts to the royal families and nation of Portugal. Portugal’s Royal Treasure Museum opened in 2022

17. Pastel de Belém 

This bakery near the Jerónimos Monastery holds the original recipe for the Portuguese custard tart. If you want a pastel de Belém, this is the only bakery where you can purchase one. All of the others are delicious knock-offs. Home | Pastéis de Belém (

18. Compare Pastel de Belém with other pastéis de nata

That said, Portuguese custard tarts are sold all over the country. If they don’t come from the bakery in Belém, they are called “Pastéis de nata.” There are several fantastic bakeries in Lisbon, and you could do a competition to determine which bakery has the best pastéis. Check out Manteigaria, and Pastelería Santo António. For more info, The big difference between Pastéis de Belém and Pastéis de Nata

19. Go to LX Factory

 Located practically under 25 April Bridge in the Alcântara neighborhood, LX Factory is a collection of Indie shops, restaurants and art installations. Read more, Is the LX Factory worth visiting?

20. Ler Devagar Bookstore

Among the many repurposed buildings at the LX factory, is the Ler Devagar (Read Slowly) bookstore. The bookstore is in an old printing shop, and at the center of the store is the original printing press. Ler Devagar has a café, and a good collection of Portuguese and international vinyl.

21. Berardo Art Deco Museum

20's dancer at the Berardo Art Deco Museum in Lisbon, Portugal

Roughly a block away from the LX factory is the Berardo Art Deco Museum. Joe Berardo displays his collection of Art Deco and art nouveau furniture and glasswork in this refurbished 19th-century mansion under the bridge. See my Berardo Art Deco Museum – Lisbon’s newest museum in 2022

22. Berardo Collection

Open every day, 10 am – 7 pm.  The collection includes 20th-century artists Pablo Picasso, Marcel Duchamp, Piet Mondrian, Joan Miró, Max Ernst, Vieira da Silva, Francis Bacon, Andy Warhol, Donald Judd, and Bruce Nauman.  The museum is located in the Belém neighborhood.

23. Gulbenkian Museum

Avenida da Berna, 45A.  Take metro Praça de Espanha or metro to Campo Pequeno to visit this massive private collection of world art.  There are works from Egypt, Greece, Rome, the Islamic world, Asia, and Europe.  The museum is closed on Tuesdays. Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian

24. Look around Rossio Square

Rossio Square seen from the Santa Justa Lift, Lisbon, Portugal
Rossio Square seen from the Santa Justa Elevator viewing deck

Also known as Praça Dom Pedro IV, this is Lisbon’s Central Square.  You will find shopping, cafés, and plenty of restaurants. See my Rossio Square – Praça Dom Pedro IV – What you need to know

25. Explore Rua Augusta

Rua Augusta seen from the top of the arch.  Lisbon, Portugal
Rua Augusta seen from the top of the arch

 Rua Augusta stretches from Rossio Square to Praça do Comércio. The pedestrian street offers lots of shopping opportunities as well as restaurants. The street is always packed with tourists, it is a great place to find street performers.

26. Go to the top of the arch

Lisbon's Praça do Comércio seen from the top of the Rua Augusta Arch
Praça do Comércio seen from the top of the arch

At the end of Rua Augusta, this massive arch welcomes people into the city of Lisbon. Entering at Rua Augusta, 2, you can take an elevator most of the way to the top. Unfortunately, there are about 40 stairs to negotiate before you reach the viewing deck. The views of the river, the square, downtown Lisbon, and the surrounding hills make it a fantastic experience. See my What is the story behind Lisbon’s Rua Augusta Arch?

27. Explore Praça do Comércio

Arco Rua Augusta, Lisbon
Rua Augusta Arch seen from Praça do Comércio, Lisbon

Commercial Square was once the home of the river palace, until the earthquake in 1755. The square has seen the assassination of a king, the arrival of foreign dignitaries, and a peaceful revolution. Massive crowds come here to watch the World Cup, and to celebrate New Year’s and gay pride.

Today the square is lined with restaurants, a beer museum, and a wine-tasting room.  There is even a luxury boutique hotel in one of the beautiful arcaded buildings. Learn more in my Praça do Comércio – Everything you need to know

28. Relax in front of the two columns

On the south side of Praça do Comércio there are two columns standing in the Tejo River. There is a short stairway that descends into the water, and this is a great spot to have a seat and contemplate life or watch the sun go down. Why are there columns in the water in Lisbon?

29. Ride the Santa Justa Lift

Roughly halfway from Rossio Square to the river on Rua Do Ouro, you will encounter the wrought-iron Santa Justa Lift, an elevator that goes from the Baixa District up to Largo do Carmo on the hilltop. Elevador de Santa Justa | Everything you need to know

30. Have a drink and watch street musicians at Largo do Carmo

Enjoy a drink and watch street musicians at Largo do Carmo. This kiosk in the Square in front of the Igreja do Carmo church is always busy. It’s filled with locals, tourists, street musicians, and spectators enjoying an afternoon.

31. Visit the Convento do Carmo Ruins

The Igreja do Caqrmo church was ruined by the great Lisbon earthquake on November 1, 1755. As a result of the quake, the roof caved in.

City leaders decided to leave the walls of the church standing along with the arches that survive the quake as a testimony to the disaster that destroyed most of Lisbon and killed roughly 50,000 people.

The church ruins are a surprisingly beautiful sight. Lisbon’s Convento do Carmo Ruins | Everything You Need to Know

32. Drink Ginjinha

Ginjinha is a Portuguese liqueur with a cherry and cinnamon flavor.  It is sold by the shot for 1.25€.  The two oldest Ginjinha bars in the city face each other at Largo do São Domingos, just north of Rossio Square. Your questions about Ginjinha answered here

33. Visit the Igreja de São Roque

Igreja de Sao Roque church, Lisbon

 This humble church is built in what was formerly a plague cemetery. You could never tell by looking at it from the outside the luxurious riches that are within. It’s free to enter the church, and the church also has an extraordinary museum of religious art and icons. São Roque Church in Lisbon – What to know before visiting

34. Visit the oldest bookstore in the world

Lisbon's Livraria Bertrand holds the record for longest-operating bookstore in the world. it opened in 1732.

Livraria Bertrand at Rua Garrett, 17 in the Chiado neighborhood has been in business since 1732. They have a sign inside the store that says, “We witnessed: one earthquake, one Civil War, nine Kings, one regicide, 16 presidents, three Republics, six coups, two world wars, the building of a wall, and it’s fall, the unification of Europe, changing to euro, and we have the books to tell you all about it.” To learn more, see my article 7 great bookstores in Lisbon

35. Armazéns do Chiado Shopping Center

The six-story mall anchors the Chiado neighborhood at the end of Rua Garret. The grand building opened as warehouses and a department store in the early 19th century and was rebuilt after a fire ravaged the Chiado neighborhood in 1988. Official website:

36. Ride Tram 28

Tram 28 rounds the corner in front of Sé Cathedral, Lisbon, Portugal

This elétrico tram starts in central Lisbon at Praça Martim Moniz, goes uphill through the Alfama neighborhood, passes back through central Lisbon, and eventually ends its route on the western side of the city in front of the Estrela Cemetary.

The tram passes by many of Lisbon’s most interesting sights. As a result, locals have a tough time riding the tram, which has long lines and is standing room only for most of the day. Read more: Where does Tram 28 stop? All you need to know about Tram 28

37. Ride Tram 12

Tram 12 is a shorter ride, with shorter lines, yet it passes by many of Lisbon’s best sites. The circular route begins and ends at Praça Martim Moniz.

You probably won’t notice the few passengers or the stop, as they are hidden by the line for Tram 28. This Tram does not pass through Chiado or go to the western side of the city.

38. Ride the Ascensor da Bica

Lisbon's Bica Funicular
Ascensor da Bica

This funicular connects the flat Cais do Sodré neighborhood to Largo do Calhariz on the southern boundary of Bairro Alto.  Taking the funicular is much better than walking up the steep hill. It also happens that as you go up the hill or down the hill, you enjoy views of one of Lisbon’s most beautiful streets and the river.

The lower entrance to the funicular is behind Largo do São Paulo and near the Time Out Market.

To find the upper terminal, walk a few blocks west from Praça Luís de Camões in Chiado. Top things to know about the Elevador da Bica

39. Enjoy the Miradouro de Santa Catarina

A look at the 25 April Bridge and the Tejo River as the sun begins to set at the Miradouro de Santa Catarina viewpoint in Lisbon
View of 25 April Bridge as the sun begins to set over the Santa Catarina viewpoint

Once you arrive at the top station of the Elevador the Bica, turn left, and then another left and then head toward the end of the street. Pass by the Museu da Farmacia, and you arrive at the Miradouro the Santa Caterina viewpoint.

There is a quiosque, and below the kiosk is a park (free of charge) where people gather every night to watch the sun go down.

Ultimate guide to the Miradouro de Santa Catarina viewpoint

40. Try a rooftop bar

There are two rooftop bars practically next door to the Santa Caterina viewpoint. Read my article to find out about some of Lisbon’s other fantastic rooftop bars. Best rooftop bars in Lisbon

41. Ride the Ascensor da Gloria

The Ascensor da Gloria funicular heading up the Calçada da Glória in Lisbon, Portugal
Heading up the Calçada da Glória

This funicular goes from the flat part of central Lisbon to the Principe Real neighborhood. You will notice that the steep alleyway has been decorated by professional street artists.

When the funicular gets to the top turn to the right for one of Lisbon’s best viewpoints at Miradouro de São Pedro de Alcântara. How to get to Bairro Alto? (Hint: Take the Glória Funicular)

42. Enjoy the Miradouro de São Pedro de Alcântara viewpoint

View of the Castelo de Sao Jorge from Lisbon's Miradouro de Sao Pedro de Alcantara scenic viewpoint
View from São Pedro de Alcântara

This romantic spot has fountains and views of the castle and central Lisbon.  During the month of June, there is a fair-like atmosphere as lots of vendors sell drinks and food, and a stage is brought in. São Pedro de Alcântara Viewpoint – How to visit and what to see

43. Explore Shopping Embaixada

Embaixada Boutique Shopping in Lisbon's Bairro Alto / Principe Real neighborhood
Embaixada Shopping

Local artisans sell their work in this boutique shopping center in a restored 18th-century mansion. See my Embaixada Shopping – A unique shopping gallery in Lisbon –

44. Enjoy Jardim do Príncipe Real

 A beautiful park with cafes and kiosks on Avenida Dom Pedro V, the Garden of the Royal Prince is an awesome place to spend an hour.

45. Eat at Cevicheria

A Cevicheria

Ceviche is raw fish cured in lime juice. This restaurant has made art out of the Peruvian specialty.  They also have a handle on Peruvian Pisco Sour cocktails. A beautiful meal in a unique space. Due to the decor, this restaurant earns a mention in my article Great quirky restaurants in Lisbon.

46. Tapisco

La Bomba de Lisboa, appetizer at Chef Henry Sá Pessoa's Tapisco Restaurant in Lisbon
La Bomba de Lisboa

Local Chef Henry Sá Pessoa has a collection of restaurants and Michelin stars. Tapisco is his 32 seat reataurant at Rua Dom Pedro V, 81.  Try his signature appetizer, La Bomba de Lisboa.  Reservations are necessary. Tapisco – Henrique Sá Pessoa – Tapas, Petiscos, Vermutes

47. Spend the night in the Rossio Train Station

48. Have drinks at Pavilhão Chinés

Royal palace guard mannequin at Pavilhão Chines Bar, Bairro Alto, Lisbon
Standing guard near the door at Pavilhão Chinês

 This wood-paneled bar on Avenida Dom Pedro V (a few doors from A Cevichería) is an unforgettable bar.  Its multiple rooms are packed from floor to ceiling with all sorts of collectible items.

49. Bar hop in Bairro Alto

There is a bar for everyone in this neighborhood – salsa music, fado music, Irish pubs, as well as a large LGBT area. Bairro Alto – An overview of Lisbon’s most vibrant neighborhood

50. Eat seafood at Cervejaria Ramiro

Steps away from the Intendente metro station (green line), this is one of the best places for fresh seafood in Lisbon. Expect to spend at least 40€ per person.  It will be worth every penny.  They do not take reservations, but you will get a number on first-come, first served basis. So come early. Cervejaria | Cervejaria Ramiro | Lisboa

51. Eat at the Time Out Market

Lisbon's TimeOut Narket foodcouer seen from second floor landing

Time Out Magazine currently operates a food hall with 26 restaurants, 8 bars, and a dozen different vendors – all representing some of the best chefs and products in Lisbon.  It is located at Avenida 24 de Julho, 49, across from the Cais do Sodré metro station (green line). The food hall is always busy, so it’s easier to find a seat if you come early. Time Out Market Lisbon

52. Sunset at the Miradouro da Graça viewpoint

A palette of colors over the city, Miradouro da Gra25 of April Bridge seen from the Miradouro da Graça is one of the best sunset locations in Lisbon
Miradouro da Graça

Possibly the most beautiful sunset in Lisbon.  From Portas do Sol, go uphill following the tram tracks, or simply take the tram.  At the top of the hill, you will find a flat plaza and a convent.  The viewpoint is to the left and behind the convent. A guide to the beautiful Miradouro de Graça viewpoint

53. Take in the view at Miradouro da Nossa Sra. do Monte

View of Lisbon and the Tejo River from Miradouro Senhora do Monte viewpoint
From Miradouro Nossa Sra. do Monte

A ten-minute walk from the Graça tram stop.  Go down Rua da Graça and then turn on to Rua do Monte.  Or take bus 712,726,730, 734, 735, or 797.  Get off at the Sapadores stop and walk. Miradouro Senhora do Monte – Lisbon’s highest Viewpoint – know this

54. Party on Pink Street

Rua Nova do Carvalho, Lisbon's famous Pink Street - famous for its colored pavement and nightlife

This stretch of bars on Rua Nova do Carvalho near Cais do Sodré is open all night. The pavement has literally been painted pink, and is flanked by bars with terraces on both sides of the street. Read my Pink Street, Lisbon: The Best Bars in Lisbon for Fun

55. Go to the National Tile Museum

National Tile Museum, Lisbon, PortugalBlue and white azulejo tile in the

 It is kind of out of the way in the Xabregas neighborhood, but absolutely worth visiting, even if you have to take a taxi or Uber.  The museum chronicles the history of tile in Portugal and is located in the Convento da Madre de Deus.  Inside you will find one of the most beautiful chapels in Lisbon. National Tile Museum in Lisbon | A Quick Guide

56. Enjoy the Lisbon Oceanarium

 Europe’s second-largest oceanarium is located near the Oriente Metro Station (red line). Lisbon Oceanarium | Plan Your Visit to the Oceanário de Lisboa

57. Ride the Telecabine

 Telecabine Lisboa is located in Parque das Nações.  You can take the metro to Oriente Station, and it is possible to buy a combination ticket for the telepheric with the Lisbon Oceanarium.

58. Shopping Vasco da Gama

 This great shopping mall with more than 170 stores is located across the street from Oriente Station. The Oriente Station complex itself is a work of art, and was designed by notable Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava

59. Parque do Tejo

Just below the Vasco da Gama Bridge, there is a skate park, and a boardwalk where you can take selfies in front of the bridge. See my article, A guide to Lisbon’s most famous bridges

60. Wander around the Alfama neighborhood

Lisbon's Alfama district has plenty of stairs, inclines, switchbacks, and views
Exploring Alfama

Alfama stretches from the castle down to the river. It’s filled with history, architecture, scenic viewpoints, street art, character, and tourists. The Alfama District – A complete guide to Lisbon’s oldest neighborhood

61. Go to a Fado show

 Fado is unique to Portugal, and in some ways, it is similar to the Blues. There are plenty of places to see a live show with dinner both in Alfama and Bairro Alto. Everything you need to know about fado music in Lisbon

62. Go to a Benfica Game

Red and white Eu Sou Campeão "I am a champion" mural at Benfica's Estádio da Luz in Lisbon.
I am a champion.

Estadio da Luz is a beautiful, world class stadium.  Unlike in other cities across the world, attending a football game in Lisbon is a safe and appropriate activity for the whole family. How to go to a Benfica game

63. Tour Estádio da Luz

This temple of football has seen a lot of history, as Benfica is the winningest team in Portugal.

64. Eat caracois (snails)

I discovered snails and garlic sauce one evening when I saw businessmen shoulder to shoulder at the bar drinking beer and eating snails. “I need to try that.” You need to try that. Look for any restaurant with a sign in the window that says “Tem Caracois” (We have snails) or “Ha Caracois.” (There are snails).  

65. Take a street art tour

Try the original Lisbon Street Art Tour. For more information on Lisbon’s street art scene, read my article Where to see street art in Lisbon

66. Find the prettiest tile facades in the city

Casa da Fereira das Tabuletas

There are beautiful tiled houses all over the city. Learn more, Lisbon’s tiled houses – A tradition you will love

67. Ride the Ascensor do Lavra

The two graffiti-covered cars of Lisbon's Ascensor do Lavra are parked side-by-side for the night
Ascensor do Lavra

 In the alley behind the Hard Rock Café, you will find Lisbon‘s oldest funicular. It will take you up to the Jardim do Torel scenic viewpoint. Ascensor do Lavra – A quick guide

68. Explore the Jardim do Torel scenic viewpoint

Public pool at Lisbon's Miradouro do Jardim do Torel
From the Jardim do Torel

This garden overlooks central Lisbon. There is plenty of green space, perfect for a picnic, and it also has a community center with a pool. Miradouro do Jardim do Torel – All you need to know

69. Be like Ian Flemming at the Avenida Palace

Facade of Lisbon's Avenida Palace Hotel at Restauradores Square
Avenida Palace Hotel, Restauradores Square Entrance

Have a drink in the English-style bar at the Avenida Palace Hotel.  It is said that this little pub and the lobby of the Avenida Palace Hotel were filled with spies during the second world war, and this hotel was an inspiration to James Bond’s creator.

70. Order the national liquor

Beirão, sip a Beirão com gelo (on the rocks).

71. Go to a spa or get a massage

Read my article, Find a great spa to relax at in Lisbon, Portugal

72. Eat at one of Lisbon’s Michelin Star Restaurants

Introducing Lisbon’s Michelin Star Restaurants, 2022 edition

73. Try a Doner Kebab

Not everyone can or wants to spend big on food. If you are looking to eat on a budget, try Europe’s best fast food – the Doner Kebab – In Lisbon!

74. Explore Avenida da Liberdade

This is Lisbon’s central boulevard.  A beautifully landscaped pedestrian zone runs the length of the near mile and a half-long street.  The street is well-shaded, and pedestrians will find black and white calçada portuguesa tiles, fountains, monuments, and kiosks to enjoy.  And that is just in the median!  Each side of the street has grand theatres, luxury hotels, and high-end retailers such as Gucci and Rolex. 

At one end of the street is the Restauradores metro station. The Avenida station is roughly halfway up the street, and the Marquês de Pombal metro station is at the north end, right in front of Parque Eduard VII.  These stops are all on the blue line. Learn more in my Avenida da Liberdade | Everything you need to know

75. Visit Parque Eduardo VII

This large central park sits just north of the Marquês de Pombal roundabout and Avenida da Liberdade.  Sitting on an incline, the park has views down to the river.

There are three popular greenhouses in the park. In the wintertime, there is a Christmas Market with rides, April sees the Peixe em Lisboa seafood festival, and the end of August the park is the home of the Lisbon Book Fair. Parque Eduardo VII | Lisbon’s Central Park – What you should know

76.Try a food tour or cooking class

Read more here in my Five food tours and cooking classes in Lisbon

77. Visit the Cristo Rei Statue

 Located across the river in Almada.  If not going by car, you can take the ferry and then hop a bus at the ferry terminal.  It costs 8€ to go to the top of the statue. Visit Cristo Rei – Portugal’s Christ Statue

78. Try fresh, grilled sardines

 If you come during the month of June, you can easily find a street vendor in Alfama or at São Pedro de Alcântara who will pull them right off the grill.  Otherwise, try Peixaria do Rossio at Calçada do Carmo, 9. Or Lisbon Tu e Eu, at Rua da Adiça, 58 in Alfama.  

79. Shop for canned fish

Lulas - canned octopus, at Lisbon's Conserveira de Portugal, just downhill from the Castelo de São Jorge
Lulas – canned octopus at Conserveira de Portugal

Sardines have always been popular in Lisbon.  During the depression and war years, canned sardines became popular here, too. Try these traditional shops: Conserveira de Lisboa, Rua dos Bacalhoeiros, 34. in Baixa, or Conserveira de Portugal just downhill from the castle. For more information, read my Best places to buy canned fish in Lisbon

80. See the Casa dos Bicos

The spiked facade of Lisbon's Casa dos Bicos
Casa dos Bicos

Rua dos Bacolheiros, 10, on the east side of Praça do Comércio. This “House of Beaks” or concrete spikes was built in the 16th century and survived the 1755 Lisbon Earthquake.  Today it houses the José Saramago foundation and is part of the museum of Lisbon.

81. Learn modern history at the Aljube Museum of the Resistance

The face of anti-goverment leader and political prisoner Amavel Vitorino. His face is a collage of pictures of other Portuguese political prisoners.
The face of anti-goverment leader and political prisoner Amavel Vitorino. His face is a collage of pictures of other Portuguese political prisoners.

This museum tells the history of Portugal in the 20th century, of life under a long-term dictatorship, and how that government was overthrown in the Carnation Revolution.  Located across the street from Sé Cathedral, the building itself was one of Portugal’s busiest political prisons. To learn more, check out my Aljube Museum – learn about Portugal in the 20th century

82. Do the Pilar 7 Bridge Experience

Avenida da India, Pilar 7, 25 of April Bridge. Learn about the history of the bridge and take an elevator up to the glass-floored observation deck.  5€.

83. Take a sunset cruise


84. Walk across the aqueduct

 If you have no fear of heights, you can walk across the 18th century gothic aqueduct.  Visit the Mãe das Aguas Water Museum in Jardim das Armoreiras (near the Rato metro station- yellow line).

85. Find Lisbon’s free elevators

Elevador do Castelo will take you high up into Alfama, closer to the castle. The Carmo Rooftop elevator goes up to Largo do Carmo and is attached to the viewing deck of the Santa Justa Lift. The Carmo Rooftop elevator is free, but lacks the history and beauty of the Santa Justa elevator.

Lisbon’s secret elevators – free shortcuts to the hilltops

86. Attend a concert or a bullfight at Campo Pequeno

Official Website:

87. Live Music at Alface Hall or Music Box

Alface Hall is both a hostel and a live music venue. It is located in Bairro Alto at Rua do Norte, 96. Official website:

Music Box is located on Pink Street, near Cais do Sodre. Official website:

88. Explore the Panorámico de Monsanto

This six-story abandoned 1970s restaurant is covered in graffiti and murals, and has outstanding 360-degree views of Lisbon.  Now an official viewpoint, the site is open from 9 am to 6 pm. 

Take bus 711 from Marquês de Pombal In the direction of Alto da Damaia.  Get off at Avenida Tenente Martins.  Walk ten minutes along Estrada da Bela Vista.

89. Taste Portuguese Wines

Corks and bottles on display at Wines of portugal Tasting Room in Lisbon's Praça do Comércio. They offer more than 1000 wines from Portugal's eleven wine regions

Check out the Wines of Portugal Tasting Room, on the east side of Praça do Comércio to get started tasting the many wines produced in Portugal. After that, there are a variety of wine bars to experience around the city. A quick guide to wine bars, wine tours, and wine tastings in Lisbon

90. Take a Red Tram Tour

There is a red sight-seeing tram with a tour guide that largely follows the route of Tram 28.  This guided tour starts at Praça do Comércio.

91. Taste food from Portugal’s colonies

O Batata Doce (The Sweet Potatoe) Rua São João da Mata 56A, near Basílica da Estrela.

There are only 17 seats in this popular, family-owned Angolan restaurant, so reservations will be needed. 

Menu items include chicken muamba – a spicy Angolan chicken stew, cod cakes, shrimp curry, and a variety of wine choices. 

Cantinho do Aziz is another very popular Angolan eatery at Rua de São Lourenço 5, in the Mouraria neighborhood.

92. Hire a Tuk Tuk

You can find them lined up at Praça da Figueira, Avenida da Liberdade, Portas do Sol, and Sé Cathedral. 

93. Try Goan food

Jesus é Goês is at Rua de São Jose 23 (near Restauradores metro station (blue line). Chef Jesus Lee Fernandes is known for shrimp samosas, fish curry, chickpea fritters, shrimp masala, chapati, bouges (fried cauliflower bites with a coriander relish), and the Holy Burger. This restaurant is cash only.

For more information on food from Portugal’s former colonies, read my Best places to try ethnic food in Lisbon

94. Try Brazilian food

Comida de Santo
Calçada Engenheiro Miguel Pais, 39, Príncipe Real. Not a Brazilian steakhouse – traditional dishes from Bahia in the northeast of Brazil. There are only 15 seats. Reservations are required. Comida de Santo – Comida de Santo

Prazeres da Picanha Avenida Barbosa du Bocage 48, near Campo Pequeno metro station (yellow line)

A Brazilian steakhouse, or “rodizio,” offering good value.  All you can eat for $18 – $29.

Pleasures of Picanha | Grilled Meats | Portugal | (

For more options, see my Best places to try ethnic food in Lisbon

95. Visit José Avalade Stadium

José Avalade Stadium is the home of Sporting FC. The stadium opened in 2003, and hosted the Euro competition in 2004, and the UEFA cup final in 2005. José Avalade has a capacity of 50,095.

It is located at Rua Professor Fernando da Fonseca, 10. Campo Grande metro station (yellow, or green line).

Tours are available at 11:30, 2:30, 3:30, and 4:30, Tuesday through Sunday. Adults pay 14€, children and seniors pay 7€. A family pack is available for 30€. Purchase tour tickets and begin the tour in the VIP Hall.

96. Go to a Sporting FC game

Sporting Clube de Portugal (Sporting, Sporting Lisbon) was founded in 1906. Sporting is the third most decorated team in Portugal, behind crosstown rival Benfica, and Porto.

To learn more about tickets and tours, see my How to go to a Sporting CP game

97. Ride the Hop-on Hop-off Bus

98. Visit the Lisbon Zoo

Open every day of the Year. Take the blue metro line to the Parque Zoologico stop. Https://

99. Live music and dinner at Fábrica Braço de Prata

Outdoor dining at Fábrica Braço de Prata, Lisbon
Outdoor dining space at Fábrica Braço de Prata

Part community center, part performing arts space, part library, part bar, and restaurant – you never know what you will get at the Silver Arm Factory, a former arms-manufacturing plant.

You could check their website, to see if they have fado, samba, kizomba, jazz, poetry, salsa, or some other offering on the schedule.

100. Leave town and explore a winery

Portugal is the eleventh largest wine producer in the world. Near Lisbon, you have the Colares Wine Region, the Carcavelos Wine Region, the Alenquer Wine Region, the Setúbal Wine Region, and the Alentejo Wine Region. Click here to read more about wineries and tours in each of these nearby areas.

101. Surfing lessons

These surf schools are all located on Avenida Marginal, Carcavelos Beach. If you are across the river on the Costa da Caparica, there are multiple surf academies there as well.

Quicksilver Carcavelos Surf Shop –

Carcavelos Surf School –

Sal Surf School –

Surf’s UP Portugal –

Angel’s Surf School –

102. Take a selfie with Fernando Pessoa

Statue of Fernando Pessoa in front of Cafe a A Brasileira at Lisbon's Chiado Square

Café a Brasileira  A Brasileira do Chiado  Rua Garrett, 122.  The Brazilian Lady Café opened in 1905 to sell Brazilian coffee in this historic space. Over the years, the café became a popular meeting spot, particularly among local writers.  Today it is a great spot to relax and watch the world go by.

103. Check out Praça Luís de Camões

This square on the border of the popular Chiado and Bairro Alto neighborhoods is at a busy crossroads in Lisbon. There are plenty of restaurants, parking, and lodging nearby.

The square was named after Portugal’s national poet, who wrote the epic, Os Lusíadas. In addition to being a poet, Camões was also an explorer and a crusader, and in fact, lost his eye in battle. Discover Lisbon’s Praça Luís de Camões

104. Visit Mercado da Baixa

This temporary market features artisanal cheeses, wines, and other locally made goods.  It tends to pop up in Praça da Figueira during the last few days of any month.

105. Do a day trip or overnight trip to Sintra

The little mountain town has four castles to visit. For more information, read my article: How to plan a day trip or overnight trip to Sintra from Lisbon

106. Passagem do Ano (New Year’s Eve)

Enjoy the fireworks and the concert in Praça do Comércio.

107. Go clubbing

Lux Frágil An exclusive club located in Santo Apolonia at Avenida Dom Henrique 1950, Lux has mostly techno and house DJs. Lux has views of the river from its balcony, and they open a rooftop terrace in the summer. While it’s not a super formal dance club, men in shorts will probably not be allowed. Open from 11 PM until 6 AM. LuxFrágil (

Trumps is a a gay club that has been open for 40 years in Príncipe Real. They play House, dance music, and Pop. They have popular drag shows, and at times have live performers such as Fergie. Trumps Rua da Imprensa Nacional 104B.

Kremlin has a VIP area, three bars and a large dance floor where you can enjoy some of the world’s top DJs. Located in the Santos neighborhood, off of Avenida 24 de Julho at Escadinhas da Praia N5. Official site: GRUPO K – URBAN BEACH – KAIS – SAKANA – SKONES (

108. Picnic at Jardim do Torre de Belém

There is so much green space at the Belém Tower, it is a great spot for a family picnic.

109. Go to a music festival

Rock in Rio Lisboa – Parque de Bela Vista, June

NOS Alive Festival – Lisbon, July

Super Bock Super Rock – Lisbon, July

And much more – Return of the Top Music Festivals in Portugal in 2022 –

110. Go to the Hard Rock Lisbon 

The rock n roll themed international hamburger chain is located at Avenida da Liberdade, 2, near the Restauradores metro station (blue line)

111. Go to the Campo de Ourique Market

Built in 1934 this food market was remodeled in 2019 and now includes gourmet food stalls. Rua Coelho da Rocha, 104.  Open 10 am til 10 pm. Tram 28 stops nearby.

112. Casino Lisboa

Casino Lisboa is located in Parque das Nações at Alameda dos Oceanos, 45.  The casino has more than 700 slots and 24 gaming tables.  It also has four bars and three restaurants.  This casino opened in 2009. 

You could also head out to Estoril and visit the historic Casino Estoril, which inspired Ian Flemming’s Casino Royale.

114. Aldo

Aldo is a brand of beautifully crafted Portuguese shoes.  There are Aldo stores in Vasco da Gama Mall, Armazéns do Chiado, and  Armoreiras Shopping center.

115. Tamariz Beach

A very calm beach near the center of Estoril, popular with families and young children due to the calm water. Has facilities and restaurants.

116. SUD Lisboa

Luxury dining with river views. They offer a variety of Mediterranean choices from the land and the sea. Entrees are between $30 and $190. Upstairs they also have a cocktail lounge and an infinity pool where you can enjoy live music.  Located next to MAAT (Museum of Art, Architecture, and Technology in Belém neighborhood). SUD Lisboa

117. Carcavelos Beach

Carcavelos is the closest beach to Lisbon.  Popular for surfing, water sports, walkers, beach volleyball.  Surrounded by bars and restaurants. Learn more: Lisbon’s most popular beach – Carcavelos Beach, Praia de Carcavelos

118. Amoreiras 360-degree view of Lisbon

Panoramic views of Lisbon.  Take Tram 24 from Praça Luis de Camões, or bus 758 from Cais do Sodré to this high-rise shopping center with views of the entire city.  Amoreiras shopping center is also a ten-minute walk from the Rato metro station (yellow line)

119. Crave American fast food?

Maybe you have been traveling for a while and you crave some American fast food. There is a Burger King at Rua 1 de Dezembro, near Rossio Square, and a Mcdonald’s in Chiado in the Armazéns do Chiado Shopping Center food court.

120. Pavilion of Knowledge

Ciencia Viva is an interactive science museum and workshop for children.  Located in Parque das Nações at Largo José Mariano Gago, 1. Pavilhão do Conhecimento – Ciência Viva – Pavilhão do Conhecimento (

121. Manteigaria

A coffee and pastry shop with five stores in Lisbon, you should stop by all of them and have a pastel de nata.

122. Careca

Open since 1954, Pastelaría do Restelo, also known as O Careca, is famous for its sugar coated croissant, Croissant do Careca – the Bald Man’s Croissant. Located at Rua Duarte Pacheco Pereira, 11D. Several blocks northwest of the Belém Tower.

123. Casa do Alentejo

 The most popular restaurant on a street with many restaurants (Rua das Portas de Santo Antão), This one comes with a load of history.  Built in the 1600s, it was known originally as Alverca Palace, and eventually became a social club for families from the Alantejo region. Today the restaurant serves cuisine from Alantejo.

124. Cantinho do Aziz

A Mozambican restaurant in the Mouraria hillside neighborhood.  Laid-back vibe, with tables in the alleyway. Rua de São Lourenço 5, Mouraria

125. Lost In Restaurant

(Not to be confused with Lost Inn Hostel or Hotel) is located at Rua Dom Pedro V, 56D.  Main dishes go for 12€ – 14.50€.  Eat on their terrace with fantastic city views.

126. Maria Catita

A very busy seafood restaurant on Rua dos Bacalhoeiros,30 in the Baixa neighborhood. Learn more about this restaurant in my article, Finding the best seafood in Lisbon

127. Fábrica de Nata

This pastry shop on Rua Augusta Specializes in Pastéis de Nata. Just one of many search shops in Lisbon that you should enjoy.

128. Bom Sucesso Marina

There are more than 160 boat slips shared by yachts, fishing boats, charter boats, and personal watercraft.  Most of the local water tours depart from this riverside dock in the Belém neighborhood.

129. São Domingos Church

Nave and main altar of Igreja de São Domingos church in Lisbon.

Ground was broken on this unique Baroque church in 1241.  Over the years it has been damaged by fires, earthquakes, the inquisition, and genocide.

The beautiful church with the grey and salmon interior sits just north of Rossio Square and Praça da Figueira.  Visitors should be quiet, as services are held in the church all day long. São Domingos Church in Lisbon

130. Museu da Farmácia

Rua Marechal Saldanha, 1. The museum offers recreations of Portuguese pharmacies from the 15th century until today. Pharmacy and health are examined in pieces from ancient civilizations and even Space Shuttle Endeavor and the Mir Space Station.

131. Eat on the lawn at Pharmacia Felicidade

Have lunch in the beautiful garden at Pharmacia Felicidade and enjoy views of the Tejo River.  Vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options. Rua de Santa Catarina, 2.  

132. Sea Me Peixaria Moderna

Combining an old school Portuguese fish shop, a beer hall, and a modern Japanese influence.  Rua do Loreto, 21 near Chiado. NOVIDADES | SEA ME Peixaria Moderna

133. Cervejaria Ribadouro

 Complete old-school beer hall and seafood house.  This Avenida da Liberdade institution opened in 1947.  It is near the Avenida metro stop.

134. Carvoaria Jacto steakhouse

A top-rated steakhouse in Lisbon.  It is located a few blocks from the Intendente Metro Station (green line) at Rua Maria Andrade, 6. 

135. Casa Nepalesa

Avenida Elias Garcia, 172A, near the Gulbenkian Museum. Asian and Nepalese dishes based on chicken, vegetables, lamb, and prawns. Try goat in a spicy sauce, or lamb in a traditional curry. Perfect for those who don’t like seafood or traditional Portuguese cooking. Restaurante Casa Nepalesa | Sabores do Nepal

136. Leao D’ Ouro

Rua 1 de Dezembro, 105. Leao D’ Ouro is a traditional Portuguese restaurant located close to Rossio Square. The restaurant has an interesting interior with azulejo tiles, and a high wooden beamed ceiling. The restaurant is popular for its reasonably priced buffet.

137. Lisboa ao Vivo

Smaller than an arena but much larger than a bar, this concert hall offers a wide variety of shows from different genres.  Avenida Infante Dom Henrique, Armazém 3

138. Café Nicola

 Praça Dom Pedro IV.  This café and restaurant has been doing business at Rossio Square since 1779. The history and the location make it notable.

139. Terraços do Carmo and Topo Chiado

This terrace bar is located between two historic sites – Convento do Carmo and the viewing deck of the Elevador da Gloria.  The lower level is the Terraços do Carmo Cocktail Bar, and up the stairs you will find Topo Chiado Restaurant. 

140. As Bifanas do Afonso

A legendary hole-in-the-wall sandwich shop that specializes in pork bifanas.  Located at Rua da Madalena, 146.

141. Koppu Ramen + Izakaya

Koppu Ramen is located in Príncipe Real at Rua do Salitre, 131A.  Ramen soup at under 15€, they also have vegan and vegetarian offerings.  Check their sake bar as well.

142. Sacramento do Chiado

Located at Calçada do Sacramento,40 to 46.  A highly rated restaurant serving Portuguese and Mediterranean cuisine in a beautifully renovated 18th-century palace stable.  Expect to spend 30€ per person.

143. O Talho

Rua Carlos Testa, 1B.  near the São Sebastião metro station is west of Parque Eduardo VII.  This steak house has been recognized by the Michelin Guide.

144. Lisboa Story Center

An interactive museum dedicated to the history of Lisbon.  The museum is located on the east side of Praça do Comércio.

145. Explore Mouraria

This is Lisbon’s grittiest neighborhood.  An old neighborhood that zig-zags up the hill behind the Tram 28 Stop at Martim Moniz Square, this neighborhood has the tightest lanes in the city.  It is not a touristy area, but filled with locals and immigrants – as well as their shops and cuisine.

146. Find the old community laundries

Not so long ago the homes in Mouraria and Alfama did not have water, and people would bring their clothes for hand washing at the community laundry facility.  They are still in use today, as not everyone has access to a washer and dryer.

147. Cantinho do Avillez

Chiado (  Rua dos Duques de Bragança, 7,  A neighborhood restaurant run by Michelin Star Chef Jose Avillez, Expect to pay under 26€ per entree.

148. Belcanto

Rua Serpa Pinto, 10A, Chiado  For the full experience, Chef Jose Avillez’s Belcanto has two Michelin Stars. The restaurant is located in a former convent, yet it is an intimate space – with only ten tables for lunch and dinner.  There are two tasting menus – The Evolution Menu for 185€ and the Belcanto Menu for 135€.  You may need to reserve months in advance, as Belcanto is rated as one of the top 50 restaurants in the world. Belcanto

149. Pop Cereal Café

Rua do Norte, 64 Bairro Alto  “The place where kids can be kids, and adults imitate them.”  Colorful and kitschy, the main staple at this diner is breakfast cereal. Other fun creations include a Hot and Cold Ice Cream Burger, and a bubble waffle with ice cream.

150. Miradouro Monte Agudo viewpoint

GPS Coordinates: 38.72633790541339, -9.131461015735418  Straight uphill from the Anjos Metro Station, this is neither the most popular, nor the most scenic sunset spot in Lisbon, but it is the most chill spot.  Mostly only locals enjoy the view and the kiosk.  The miradouro is hidden behind Escola Secundaria Dona Luisa de Gusmao High School.

151. Mme. Petisca Restaurant and Rooftop Bar

Rua de Santa Catarina, 17.  Located a few doors down from the free Miradouro de Santa Catarina, this cool rooftop offers indoor and outdoor dining with a fantastic view of the Tejo River and the 25 of April Bridge.  Reasonable prices.

152. Solar 31 da Calcada

Calçada Garcia, 31  Highly recommended seafood restaurant. Known for their Octopus A Solar, 30€

153. Taberna Sal Grosso

Calcada do Forte, 22, near the Santa Apolonia train station.  Reservations are a must at this tiny taberna, and can only be made via Facebook.  Taberna Sal Grosso | Lisbon | Facebook  They serve pork, lamb, cod, octopus, and a variety of petiscos (small plates). 

154. O Frade

Located at Calçada da Ajuda, 14. Near the Ajuda National Palace, O Frade gets a mention in the Michelin Guide.  You can sit around the small, U-shaped bar, or you can eat on the terrace.  They offer rice dishes, traditional cuisine from the Alentejo region, and a wide assortment of wines. Reservations must be made in advance.  Restaurante O Frade – Home | Facebook

155. Frade dos Mares

Avenida Dom Carlos I, 55A  A top-rated restaurant with contemporary takes on seafood. They do great things with octopus and offer outstanding service.  Average per person 32€. TheFork – Reserve nos melhores restaurantes da Europa

156. Vestigius Wine Bar

Interior of Vestigius Wine Bar, Lisbon, Portugal, showing plants and decor

 Cais do Sodré 8, Rua da Cintura do Porto de Lisboa, s/n Armazém, A17  This awesome riverfront wine bar is one of the cosiest places in Lisbon.  The trouble is you want to enjoy the beautiful interior decor, but you also want to sit on the balcony outside overlooking the river.  Closed on Wednesdays.

157. Quiosque Ribeira das Naus 

Another beautiful spot on the river to enjoy a snack or a glass of wine, this kiosk is located on the riverfront promenade between Praça do Comércio and Cais do Sodré.  This is the perfect spot to enjoy a glass of sangria on a warm afternoon.

158. Os Tibetanos

Rua do Salitre, 117  Located between the Botanical Garden and the Avenida Metro Station, Os Tibetanos offers an international menu with vegetarian and vegan fare, as well as their Tibetan pastries.

159. Martinho da Arcada

Praça do Comércio, 3  This Lisbon institution opened in 1782 at Praça do Comércio Square.  It was almost a second home to poet Fernando Pessoa, who did much of his writing in this café. 

Today specials include grilled sardines, bacalhau à Martinho, Vennison, bacalhau à largareiro, bife à Martinho.  They also have sausage, pork, rabbit, soups, and a variety of salads.

160. Sol e Pesca

 Rua Nova do Carvalho, 44, Located on Lisbon’s Pink Street, the Sun and Fishing tavern specializes in canned fish.

161. Yakuza by Olivier

Rua Júlio César Machado, 7  Located near the Avenida metro station.  Expect to spend from 40€ to 120€ per person at this Japanese fusion restaurant.  Enjoy lunch for €25. One of the best places in Lisbon for sushi, sashimi, makizushi, gunkans, tempuras, and a Japanese grill. Restaurantes Yakuza by Olivier – Cozinha Japonesa exclusiva

162. Red Frog Speakeasy

Praça da Alegria, 66B  Near the Avenida metro station (blue line)  This bar is listed as one of the top 50 bars in the world.  They offer designer cocktails and snacks. You will need to make a reservation and ring the doorbell.

163. Party in a hostel with a rooftop pool

164. Feira da Ladra

This flea market, known as the Thieves’ Market, has been in operation for 700 years.  You can currently find it on Tuesday and Saturday mornings at Campo de Santa Clara, near the National Pantheon.  Feira da Ladra – Lisbon’s 750-year-old flea market

165. Military Museum

An antique cannon on display at the Military Museum of Lisbon

Housed in the former royal arsenal, where foundries built cannons in the late 15th century.  This magnificent building is across the street from the  Santa Apollonia train station in eastern Lisbon. 

The museum has collections of armor, weapons, paintings, uniforms, and military documents. One room of the museum is dedicated to Vasco da Gama. Another is dedicated to the peninsular war which was fought by the Portuguese and the British against the French. Read my article Military Museum of Lisbon – Everything you need to know

166. National Museum of Contemporary Art

The museum is located in the former Convent of São Francisco da Cidade, damaged in the 1755 earthquake, and then later restored after the 1988 Chiado neighborhood fire.  The collection includes Portuguese romantic, naturalist, modern and contemporary art, from the second half of the 19th century until today.

167. Arrábida National Park boat tour

168. Visit Casa Independente

Largo do Intendente Pina Monique,45. This two-story bohemian bar and has a great patio and an inner garden. They may have live music or a DJ.

169. Santini Ice Cream

Praça Afonso de Albuquerque, Belém.  Attilio Santini is a descendant of some of the earliest makers of ice cream in Austria and Italy.  He opened his shop in Tamariz, Portugal in 1949, and today the shop in Belém is the most popular ice cream shop in Portugal.

170. Basilica da Estrela

Tram 28 passing Lisbon's Basilica da Estrela

This late baroque and neoclassical-style church opened in 1789.  It is recognizable by its large dome and twin bell towers. Inside, many visitors enjoy the nativity scene created by artist Joachim Machado de Castro.  The scene features more than 500 figures in cork and terra cotta.  Tram 28 stops in front of the church.

171. Explore the tombs in Prazeres Cemetery

Prazeres Cemetary, Lisbon

The 30-acre Prazeres Cemetery opened in 1833. It is very similar to the Recoleta Cemetery in Buenos Aires, but la Recoleta opened eleven years earlier and is less than half the size.  All of the graves in the cemetery are mausoleums, and the Mausoleum of the Duques de Palmela is the largest mausoleum in Europe.

172. Cascais for a day

At Cais do Sodré, you can catch a Comboios de Portugal train going to Cascais.  The 40 minute train ride costs 2.30€ each way.  The first train leaves Lisbon at 5:30 AM, and the last train comes back from Cascais at 1:30 am. The trip itself is a pleasure, as the train parallels the Tejo River and the Atlantic Ocean.

You could hop off early in Estoril, or you can continue on to Cascais.  In Cascais you can easily walk to three attractive city beaches, or you can take a bus to the wild Praia do Guincho, or the westernmost point in Europe – Cabo da Rocha.

173. Run a half marathon or full marathon

The only time pedestrians are allowed on the Vasco da Gama Bridge.  In 2023, the marathon will be on October 28.  EDP Lisbon Marathon 2023 (maratonalisboa

174. Naval Museum

(Museu da Marinha)  This massive museum holding more than 17000 pieces is located in the west wing of the Jerónimos Monastery.  There are model ships from the Age of Discovery.  The oldest piece is a wooden archangel Rafael that sailed to India with Vasco da Gama.  The museum holds two 18th-century ceremonial barges.  You can see the largest collection of astrolabes in the world, or visit the Far East room with its displays of porcelain, Asian ships, and Japanese armor. Navy Museum (

175. Interactive scavenger hunt

Let’s Roam has developed an app for the Lisbon Scavenger Hunt:  Princes, Poets, Playwrights, and Promenades. 

This is a two-hour app-led scavenger hunt beginning in Praça do Comércio.  No guides or reservations are necessary. 

Snap pics, explore, learn, and race against the clock.  Walk to the landmarks and hidden gems, answering trivia questions and completing challenges.  You can play with your friends, or compete against them. 

Activity level:  moderate.  Walking required.  $20 per player.

176. Caza das Vellas Loreto

Caza das Vellas Loreto has been hand-making and selling candles in Lisbon since 1789. In fact, they opened for business just as the French Revolution was beginning.

Their beautiful shop is located at Rua Loreto 53, near the Baixa-Chiado metro station. Candle Maker | Handmade Candles – Candles on Demand (

177. Bordallo Pinheiro Garden

This small garden is inhabited by live peacocks and many colorful ceramic creatures – wasps, snakes, monkeys, swallows, cats, seahorses, frogs, turtles, and lobsters. It is located at the Museum of Lisboa at Campo Grande, 245. Admission to the garden is free.

178. Queluz National Palace and Gardens

A beautiful Rococo-style palace that dates back to 1820. Known as “The Versailles of Portugal,” the palace is also famous for its gardens. Gardens and National Palace of Queluz – Sintra (

179. Dolphin watching

180. Costa da Caparica

Explore Lisbon’s beaches on the Costa da Caparica There are 18 miles of beaches across the river, south of Lisbon. Some are extremely busy, some are quiet. You can get here via public transport as well.

181. Praia 18 beach

Once you get this far south on the Costa da Caparica, past the Praia 18 restaurant and the kite-boarding school, you can swim and sunbathe in the nude.  Just past Praia 18 (Beach 18) you will find singles, families, and couples practicing naturism.  Another half-mile south is the gay nude beach.

182. Park Rooftop Bar

A sunny afternoon at Lisbon's Park Rooftop Bar
A sunny afternoon at Lisbon’s Park Rooftop Bar

The sixth floor of this parking deck has been converted into one of the hottest rooftop bars in Lisbon.  Note – the elevator does not go all the way to the top.  You have two flights of stairs once the elevator stops. Calçada do Combro, 58. A few blocks west of the upper terminus of the Ascensor da Bica.

183. Ride the ferry across the river

Behind the Cais do Sodré metro station, you will find the ferry terminal.  Immediately on the other side of the river, you will find a bus station with buses going all over the Caparica Coast.  You will also see a row of restaurants on the riverside, and you can hike through town to the Christ Statue.

184. Historic Cinema São Jorge

Avenida da Liberdade, 175.  This theatre has three screens showing art movies, documentaries, premieres, music, and poetry.

185. Copenhagen Coffee Lab

A popular Danish coffee shop and bakery located in Alfama at Escolas Gerais, 34.  Excellent bread and baked goods served in an upscale atmosphere.

186. Lisbon Under the Stars at Carmo Convent

187. A Vida Portuguesa

A Vida Portuguesa is a great place to find souvenirs of your trip to Lisbon.  They specialize in genuine Portuguese products.  They have stores in Chiado, Largo do Intendente, and Time Out Market.

188. Do a Lisbon Pub Crawl

Lisbon has a great nightlife scene spread between Pink Street, Cais do Sodre, and Bairro Alto, and there are tons of young people to get out and meet.  Try Lisbon Pub Crawl Home – The Lisbon PubCrawl

189. Visit Jardim Quinta das Azulejos

A beautifully landscaped 18th  century garden enclosed in tiled walls.  There are fountains and tiled columns and benches.  The garden is located in north Lisbon, near the Benfica stadium Estádio da Luz.  The closest metro station is Carnide (blue line).

190. National Museum of Ancient Art

O Museu Nacional de Arte Antiga is located at Rua das Janelas Verdes,17. The museum holds an international collection of 12th – 18th century painiting, sculpture, metalwork, furniture, and textiles, including pieces by Albrecht Durer, Hieronymos Bosch, and Nuno Gonçalves.

191. Palácio dos Marqueses da Fronteira

Another excellent place to see azulejo tile in Lisbon.  This small palace is currently occupied, but limited tours are available, Monday – Friday, from 10 am – 6 pm.

192. Clams (Almêjoas) Bulhão Pato

Almêjoas à Bulhão Pato

Almêjoas Bulhão Pato is a traditional clam recipe made with clams, oil, salt, lemon, garlic, corriander, and white wine. It is a popular item in Portuguese beer halls and seafood restaurants. Razor clams are another popular dish that are done Bulhão Pato style. Lisbon Seafood: What are Canivetes à Bulhão Pato? How to make at home

193. Museu da Marioneta

This museum is dedicated to the history of masks, puppets, and puppet shows, particularly in Portugal. It is located in the renovated Convento das Bernardas (1655), Rua da Esperança, 146.

194. Olaias Metro Station

Lisbon's Olaias Metro station (red line) is known for its colorful art installation.

Olaias Metro Station – The Olaias metro station is located in northeast Lisbon on the subway’s red line.  It is not a neighborhood that offers a lot for tourists, but the metro station itself is a site to see.  The station is a festival of brilliant colors, with glass, plastic, tile, and metal throughout the station, which opened in 1998

195. Feel like Mexican food?

 Two great Mexican restaurants with fantastic food and decor come to mind in Lisbon.  First, there is the Mex Factory at Lisbon’s LX factory, Rua Rodrigues Faria, 103.  They have indoor and outdoor seating in this wonderfully decorated restaurant, and you can even sit at the table in the Lucha libre wrestling ring in the middle of the restaurant.  

Another Great choice for Mexican is the more upscale Carnal, across from the Miradouro de São Pedro de Alcântara.  Rua da Misericórdia, 78.  Expect to pay about 30€ here.

196. Carris Museum

O Museu da Carris, located near the LX Factory, at Rua 1 de Maio, 101 is operated by the Carris Company – owner of Lisbon’s elétrico trams, funiculars, subways, and buses.  This museum is dedicated to the history of Lisbon’s trams.

197. Beer Museum

Located on the eastern side of Praça do Comércio near the Terreiro Paço Metro station 

198. Eat Perçebes  (Barnacles)

 Perçebes are a pricey delicacy in Portugal and Spain.  In my opinion, they only taste like sea water, but you might want to give them a try.  Their price is due to the danger involved in harvesting them from the rocks in the northern Atlantic.

199. Enjoy Lisbon’s kiosks

Qiosque do Carmo, a refreshment kiosk in front of the Convento do Carmo Ruins in Lisbon. They serve refreshments, there are tables, chairs, andstreet musicians. The place is always busy.
Quiosque do Carmo serves up coffee, drinks, and refreshments while street musicians play nearby

Refreshment kiosks were built in parks and squares all over Lisbon in the 19th century. Locals and visitors benefit from this today. Lisbon’s Kiosks – A popular tradition that you will love

200. See the Amália Mural

Artist Vhils (Alexandre Farto) tile portrait of Fado legend Amália
Artist Vhils (Alexandre Farto) tile portrait of Fado legend Amália

This beautiful black, white, and grey cobblestone mural is a portrait of local Fado singer Amália Rodrigues by local street artist Alexandre Farto, who goes by the name Vhils. To find this piece, go 50 meters uphill from the Portas do Sol viewpoint. On the opposite side of the street, you will see a bus stop. The mural is on a wall behind the bus stop.

201. Blue Wall – O Muro Azul

Blue Wall, Street art, Lisbon, Portugal
Blue Wall, Street Art, Lisbon, Portugal

This is one of the largest street-art projects in the world. The more than a mile-long circular – wall surrounding the Lisbon Mental Hospital Julio do Matos features portraits and cartoons honoring mental health. Local and international artists painted the wall in 2012. It is located at Rua das Murtas, roughly a half mile from the Campo Grande metro station.

202. Find all of the Faces of Alfama

A black and white painting from Artist Camilla Watson's "Alma de Alfama" (Soulf of Alfama project, portraits of 40 elderly residents on the walls of Lisbon's Alfama nerighborhood. Here, Sr. Carlos Lola standing in front of his house.
Camilla Watson’s painting of resident Carlos Lola, “Alma de Alfama” project

Find all of the Faces of Alfama  British artist Camilla Watson has done a series of 40 portraits of Alfama residents called Alma de Alfama (Soul of Alfama).  See how many you can find throughout the neighborhood.

203. Enjoy the works of Bordallo II

Trash monkey on the back of Lisbon artist Bordalo II's private workshop

Find the works of Bordalo II, a local plastic artist who makes art out of recycled items.  You can see his Monkey at Rua de Xabregas, 49 (near the National Tile Museum). You can also find Artur Bordal’s works on the backside of the Santa Justa Elevator, and at the LX Factory.

204. Lisbon Botanical Garden

Located at Rua da Escola Politécnica, 56 – 58, Príncipe Real, the 10 acre (4 hectare) garden has more than 10,000 plants. Admission is 5€ for adults, 4€ for seniors, 2.50€ for students,  Family pice for two adults and children is 12.50.  Open every day except Christmas and New Year’s Day.

205. Book a fishing charter

Get out on the water and catch your dinner! Fishing trips are available from Cascais.

I have given you so many choices of things to see or do, this list might be overwhelming. I can narrow your itinerary down for you as well, if you just want the essentials. Start with my article, 10 things you should not miss in Lisbon, Portugal (plus a few more, if you have time) My article Lisbon 24 hour checklist – what should I see and do? – breaks it down to the most essential sights as well. I also have a very practical 48-hour itinerary that hits all of the highlights.

Thank you for reading 205 Things to do in Lisbon – The Ultimate Guide. It is my hope that you found several things that you will enjoy while you are in Lisbon. If you rent lodging or purchase a tour from a link on this page, I will receive a small commission. Thank you for supporting my work!