7 great bookstores in Lisbon

Lisbon is a treat for booklovers; here are 7 great bookstores in Lisbon. Each is a haven for booklovers, with its own unique character, curated collections, and inviting atmosphere. Whether you are a seasoned bibliophile or simply seeking a quiet corner to read, there is a bookstore in Lisbon for you.

The oldest bookstore in Lisbon – Livraria Bertrand

Rua Garrett, 73, a few steps east of Largo do Chiado square.

Opened in 1732, Livraria Bertrand hold’s the Guiness World Record as the longest continually running bookstore in the world.

As the sign inside the store says, “We witnessed: one earthquake, one Civil War, nine Kings, one regicide, 16 presidents, three Republics, six coups, two world wars, the building of a wall, and it’s fall, the unification of Europe, changing to euro, and we have the books to tell you all about it.”

Probably also the largest bookstore in Lisbon, they have many books in English, as well as a nice cafe.

If you don’t have room in your luggage to bring home all of the titles you want, they have an excellent catalog on their website as well. Official site: https://www.bertrand.pt/

Another great, old bookstore in Lisbon – Livraria Ferin

The exterior of the 150 year-old Livraria Ferin in Lisbon's Chiado neighborhood

Rua Nova do Alamada, 70 -74

Official site: Página Inicial – Livraria Ferin

Not far from Bertrand Books, the family owned Livraria Ferin has been in business on Rua Nova do Alamada for 150 years.

The interior of Livraria Ferin on Lisbon's Rua Nova do Alamada

This charming bookstore seems to be older than the nearby Livraria Bertrand. It just oozes history. Not to mention, they have extensive collections of history, genealogy, books in English, and rare and used books. Even historical maps.

There is also a cafe in the store, and Livraria Ferin has a full schedule of book signings and author readings.

Livraria Ferin is the second oldest bookstore in the Chiado neighborhood, and the second oldest bookstore in Lisbon, Portugal

A great chain bookstore in Lisbon

M Books, a great bookstore in Lisbon, Portugal, located in the Santa Apolonia Train Station

The Chain store M Books located in Santa Apolónia Train Station is one of my favorite bookstores in Lisbon. This modern and bright store has a wide selection of titles and topics and offer great prices and assistance.

The modern, well-lit interior of M Books in Lisbon, Portugal's Santa Apolonia Train Station
The modern, well-lit interior of M Books in Lisbon, Portugal

More than a bookstore – A Vida Portuguesa

The beautiful souvenir shop A Vida Portuguesa at Largo do Intendente Square offers a huge variety of products made in Portugal, including books in English and Portuguese, as well as works by Portuguese authors

argo do Intendente Pina Manique 23, near the Intendente Metro Station (green line)

A Vida Portuguesa is much more than a bookstore. It is a mercantile store that features a wide vairety products made in Portugal and is one of the best places to buy souvenirs while in Lisbon.

A variety of books are available at the A Vida Portuguesa shop on Largo do Intendente Square in Lisbon

There are also locations in the Chiado neighborhood and at the Time Out Market, but the largest and best location is on Largo do Intendente Square.

At this location you will find a large offering of books about Lisbon, Portugal, and books by Portuguese authors. They offer English language books as well.

The hippest bookstore in Lisbon – Ler Devagar

Bicycle suspended from the ceiling in Lisbon's Livraria Ler Devagar bookstore, located in the LX Factory
An interesting bicycle sculpture is suspended from the ceiling at the Ler Devagar Bookstore

Rua Rodrigues de Faria, 103

Official site: Bookstore Read Slowly (lerdevagar.com)

A massive antique printing press commands your attention at the Ler Devagar Bookstore (Read Slowly Bookstore) in Lisbon, Portugal
But the elephant in the room is this massive antique printing press

It’s very hard to say which is the best bookstore in Lisbon, but Ler Devagar (Read Slowly) is the coolest of them all. Located in Lisbon’s artsy LX Factory complex, the bookstore is located in a former print-shop. At the center of the store is a huge, antique printing press.

Ler Devagar has a large vinyl collection (mainly Portuguese -speaking artists from a variety of countries). Below the printing press there is also a nice cafe that serves snacks, coffee, wine, and cocktails.

Ze dos Bois

Rua da Barroca, 59 in Bairro Alto

Official website: Galeria Zé dos Bois (zedosbois.org)

An arts and culture center, Galeria Ze dos Bois hosts more than 150 art exhibitions per year. There is a bookstore, a live music venue, and a rooftop terrace that is open at night. Ze dos Bois is located in the lively Bairro Alto neighborhood.

In addition to art exhibitions, live music a bar and rooftop terrace, there is also a bookstore in Lisbon's cultural space Ze dos Boys.

A great bookstore in Príncipe Real – Livraria da Travessa

The display window at Livraria Travessa Bookstore in Lisbon's Principe Real neighborhood

Rua da Escola Politécnica, 46

Buy a book and then head across the street to read and relax in the Jardim do Príncipe Real garden.

Where to find one of the best bookstores in Lisbon

I am not associated with any of the businesses mentioned in this article. Thank you for reading about these 7 great bookstores in Lisbon.