Feira da Ladra – Lisbon’s 750-year-old flea market

A vendor settingup shop at Lisbon's Feira da Ladra flea market
A vendor sets up shop at Lisbon’s Feira da Ladra flea market.

What is the Feria da Ladra?

Feira da Ladra, or the Thieves’ Market, is a colorful, open-air flea market that has been in operation since 1272, making it one of Europe’s oldest second-hand markets.  Since that time, the Feira da Ladra has had multiple locations around Lisbon, including Rossio Square, Campo de los Mártires de la Patria, and near Avenida da Liberdade.  The outdoor bazaar has been at its current location since 1882.

Some of the vendors have tables of items, others set up stalls, and others sell their wares on blankets or tarps spread across the ground.

Various tools for sale at Lisbon's Feira da Ladra
Various tools for sale at the Feira da Ladra

What can you buy at Lisbon’s Feira da Ladra?

  • Vintage clothing
  • Tools
  • Antique lamps and furniture
  • Toys and dolls
  • Jewelry
  • Books
  • Comics, vinyl records, CDs, DVDs, bottles, and other collectibles
  • Azulejos and other Portuguese souvenirs
  • War memorabilia
  • Dishes and silverware
  • All kinds of junk
Various wares for sale at the Feira da Ladra flea market.
There are a variety of items for sale at the Feira da Ladra

When is the Feira da Ladra flea market?

Tuesday and Saturday mornings

Obscure American jam band' albums for sale at Feira de Ladra in Lisbon
Need an Animal Liberation Orchestra LP?

Admission to Lisbon’s flea market

Admission is free.

Lamps, photos, etc, for sale at Feira da Ladra in Lisbon, Portugal

Where is the Feira da Ladra?

The Feira da Ladra is located next to the domed National Pantheon in Lisbon

Feira da Ladra, or the Thieves’ Market is held at Campo de Santa Clara, between the National Pantheon and the arch at São Vicente de Fora.  Take Tram 28E or walk downhill from the Alfama or Graça neighborhoods.  

You can take buses 712 or 734.

You can take the blue metro line to Santa Apolónia station and then walk toward the dome of the National Pantheon.

GPS Coordinates:  38.715775574852096, -9.125255702241843

What else is near the Feira da Ladra?

São Vicente de Fora Visit São Vicente de Fora in Lisbon: Everything you need to know about this beautifully-tiled church with rooftop views of Lisbon.

National Pantheon – A beautiful domed building where several of Portugal’s greatest heroes are buried. The dome in Lisbon, Santa Engrácia – The National Pantheon of Portugal

One of the nicest tiled houses in Lisbon at Campo de Santa Clara 126.  The house was built in 1860.

Alfama neighborhood – Lisbon’s oldest neighborhood, dating back to the Muslim occupation of the area.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about Lisbon’s Feira da Ladra.