20 laundry mats in Lisbon, Portugal (sorted by neighborhood)

Image by Ryan McGuire from Pixabay

Hopefully, you will be in Lisbon long enough to need to do laundry while you are there. If your hotel or hostel cannot take care of it for you, I have compiled a list of Lisbon’s laundry mats sorted by neighborhood.

Good news – as boring as doing laundry is, you can use this as an opportunity to make friends with locals and get suggestions from them, as well as meet other dirty travellers from around the world.

Laundry mats are a gold-mine for conversations and learning about your location when you are travelling.

Name and addressNeighborhoodWebsite
Wash-Station Baixa Castelo
Rua da Madalena 231
Imperial Laundromat
Largo de São Domingos, 20
Lavandaria Ideal
R. de São Lázaro 205
Jardins da Roupa
R. dos Cavaleiros 68
Martim Monizhttps://www.facebook.com/jardinsdaroupa
Cotton Club Laundry and Cafe
R. Andrade 15A
Speed Queen Lavandaria
Rua Palmira, 66 A/B
Concept Laundry
R. Maria Andrade 11B
Arroios Clean
R. Maria Andrade 37A
Lavandaria Self-Service
Speed Clean

R. Beneficência 62
Lavandaria Self-Service – Lavadeira Do Aqueduto
Rua dos Prazeres 7
Speed Queen Laundry
Rua de Alcântara 38 A
Restelo Clean Wash
 R. das Pedreiras 20B
Lavandaria Baixilava
Rua da Liberdade 17b
Av. LiberdadeN/A
Bairro Alto Wash and Go
R. Luz Soriano 18
Bairro Altohttps://luggage-laundrybairroalto.negocio.site/?utm_source=gmb&utm_medium=referral
60 Graus Laundry Wash and Fold
R. do Poço dos Negros 65
Laundry Self-Service Cheir’a Lisbon
R. São Boaventura 42
Bairro AltoLavandaria Self-Service Cheir’a Lisboa – Home | Facebook
Rua da Graça 46, 
TanqMatic Graça Laundry Self-Service
 Rua da Senhora do Monte 5A
Wash Station Alfama
R. dos Remédios 115
Lavadouro Público
Beco do Mexias
AlfamaHistoric Public Laundry facility with wash-basins
N 38° 42.691 W 009° 07.649
29S E 488916 N 4284771

The last one on the list is a special place. It is a piece of history – you can see how the women of Lisbon took care of the laundry for hundreds of years, and even into the late twentieth century in the Alfama neighborhood.

 These lavadouros públicos were common in Lisbon and all over Portugal in a time when very few houses had running water.

Water would run from a sping or be piped to a specific location, and the women would work shoulder to shoulder at these public wash-houses to take care of their families’ laundry and socialize as they worked.

This public laundry in the Carnide neighborhood was one of the last in Lisbon, and it closed in 2015. Teatro do Silêncio now offers guided cultural tours on Sundays. https://teatrodosilencio.pt/lavadouro/ For information on other unique things to see or experince in Lisbon, see my article, https://lisbontravelideas.com/2021/05/unique-tours-and-experiences-in-and-near-lisbon