Explore Lisbon’s beaches on the Costa da Caparica

Explore Lisbon’s beaches on the Costa da Caparica, the longest continuous coastline in Portugal – with 18 miles of beaches – some crowded, others quiet and pristine – even in the summer.  Many of the beaches are protected by lifeguards.  These beaches are suitable for swimming from June until September. There are many beautiful beaches to choose from. And they aren’t too far from Lisbon. You can even take the bus!

Blue Flag beaches near Lisbon

Blue Flag beaches you will find near Lisbon on the Costa da Caparica include São João da Caparica, Santo António de Caparica, Praia do CDS, Praia Tarquinho Paraiso, Praia Dragão Vermelho, Praia Nova, Praia de Mata, Praia Rainha, and Praia Sereia.

Praia São João de Caparica

Praia São João de Caparica is located on the north end of Costa da Caparica and outh of Cova do Vapor. 

The beach is wide and sandy and nearly a mile long.

This beach also has excellent waves.

This beach offers parking, facilities, first aid, lifeguards, and a café. Nearby you find Camping INATEL and Camping Club of Lisbon.  

See my article about  campgrounds near Lisbon, A quick guide to camping and caravanning near Lisbon, Portugal

Praia de São João de Caparica is located at Latitude 38 deg 39’ 35.02” N (38.659727)

Longitude 9 deg 15’ 14.54” W (-9.25404)

Praia de Santo António

Praia de Santo António live cam from Playocean

Praia de Santo António is roughly 300 meters long and very thin, it is nearly immersed underwater at high tide. 

It is a favorite beach for surfing and bodyboarding.

It is located in the urban center. 

Praia do C.D.S

Praia do C.D.S. is also located in the urban center. 

It is one of the most popular beaches in the area. 

The 276 meter-long beach was named C.D.S in the 1970’s after the nearby Surf Sport Center. 

Public parking, facilities, lifeguards, and cafes.

Latitude 38 Deg 38‘ 42.54” N(38.645149)

Longitude 9 deg 14’ 30.45” W (-9.241793)

Cabral Street

Tarquinho – Paraiso / Dragão Vermelho

Praia Tarquinho / Dragão Vermelho is packed during the summer.

You will find the Red Dragon Beach Club and the Paraiso Beach Club here as well as surf schools and equipment rentals.

Lifeguards, first aid, and restroom facilities are available.

Located in the urban center, the beach has more than 400 m of sand.

Several beach bars/restaurants are in the area, and this is a departure point for the Transpraia Railway, which carries beach-goers to the more remote parts of the Costa da Caparica shore.

Located at Avenida General Humberto Delgado 

Latitude 38 deg 38’31.16” N (38.64199)

Longitude 9 deg 14’ 18.41 W (-9.238447)

Praia Nova

The 250 m long beach offers lifeguards, public facilities, first aid, parking, beach bars/cafés such as Roma Beach Cub and Espaço 20.  

Avenida Humberto Delgado

Latitude 38 deg 38’ 15.00” N (38.6375)

Longitude 9 deg 14’  8.00” W (-9.235556)

Praia da Mata

Praia da Mata has more than 370 m of sand located near Camping Piedense.  The entire beach is backed by dunes and a beautiful forested landscape.

There is a dirt parking lot, and the Transpraia Railway stops here.  

Latitude 38 deg 37’ 26.59” N (38.624054)

Longitude 9 deg 13’ 23.11” W (-9.223087)


There is a much smaller Praia da Rainha on the Estoril coastline. 

This is a huge sandy beach close to 500 m in length. It is backed by dunes and a forest.

This beach is stop number 10 on the Transpraia Railway. The beach also has a paid parking lot.

Latitude 38 deg 37’ 4.30 N (38.6178621)

Longitude 9 deg 13’ 59.19” W (-9.2164423)

Praia Sereia

Mermaid Beach, also known as Waikiki Beach, after the local beach bar, is a medium-size beach with 230 m of sand.

The beach is backed by dunes and forest. 

The area has lifeguards during the summer.

Also, a restaurant, facilities, first aid, and the beach has a dirt parking lot.

It is stop number 15 on the Transpraia Railway.

Latitude 38 deg 36’ 6.41 N (38. 60178)

Longitude 9 deg 12’ 33.36“ W (-9.209268)

The Transpraia Railway

The Transpraia Railway

You can hop on this small train to ride down the coast and explore some of the more serene and wild beaches on the Costa da Caparica. 

The northernmost stop is just past the last restaurant on Praia Dragão Vermelho. 

Transpraia Railway makes 19 stops from June to September. 

It costs €10 round trip. 

Two trains run the route, and one leaves each terminus roughly every 30 minutes between 9 am and 7 pm.

Fonte da Telha is the southernmost point on the Transpraia Railway.  Fonte da Telha is in the protected national forest of the Arriba Fóssil.

Praia 18 – Lisbon’s nude beach

Here you will find nude sunbathing on a roomy, wide, sandy beach and plenty of kite surfers.

There is a beach bar, and a kite surfing school, but no lifeguard on duty. 

This is stop 18 on the Transpraia Railway. The naturist section is to the left (south) of the restaurant.

Praia 19 – Lisbon’s Gay beach

This beach is a popular spot for gay men and is also a legal space to sunbathe au natural.  Stop 19 on the Transpraia beach train.

Fonte de Telha and Arriba Fóssil

The Paisagem Protegida da Arriba Fóssil da Costa de Caparica / Protected Landscape of the Arriba Fossil of Costa de Caparica D.C. is a protected nature preserve with cliffs facing the ocean.

The cliffs date from the myiocénica age, and today it is possible to find fossils of bivalves, gastropods, and echinoderms, as well as myiocéic fish teeth. All of the fossils are protected by law, and there are stiff penalties for removing them from the area.

The preserve can be reached by road from the A2 and IP7.

How to get from Lisbon to Costa da Caparica?

The Costa da Caparica beaches are approximately 11 miles from Lisbon by car. By car cross the April 25 bridge and head south, out of Lisbon. Pass by the Cristo Rei statue, and take the first exit on left, and head straight to Costa da Caparica.  The return trip to Lisbon has a €1.85 toll.

Going from Lisbon to Costa da Caparica on Public Transport

There are a few options.

Take a bus from Areeiro (Transportes Sul do Tejo bus 161 – cash only – €3.20.

The trip ends at the bus station in Costa da Caparica, maybe a quarter-mile from the ocean. 

It takes 40 minutes to an hour from Praça do Areeiro in the center of Lisbon. 

Areeiro is located on the metro green line.

Or take the ferry from Cais do Sodré (metro green line) to Cacilhas and then get a bus to Costa da Caprica. 

The ferry costs €1.25 and you can use the Viva Viagem card. 

It docks at the bus station in Cacilhas. 

At the back of the lot, you will find TST bus 135 (20 minutes to beach) and bus 124 (40 minutes to same beach). 

Pay cash for the ticket €2.40. Viva Viagem card is not accepted by TST.

For more details on using public transportation to get to the beaches see my article, How to use public transportation to get to Lisbon’s beaches

What time does the sun set in Costa da Caparica?

This website does an excellent job providing information on sunrise and sunset at Costa da Caparica https://www.sunrise-and-sunset.com/pt/sun/portugal/costa-de-caparica

Other things to do in Costa da Caparica

Visit Convento dos Capuchos

Rua Lourenço Pires Tavora 2825

T: 351 212 919 342

Located on a clifftop with great views of the Costa da Caparica, you can also see Lisbon and even as far away as Sintra from this convent, which was built in 1558.

The building was partially destroyed in the earthquake of 1755, and only the facade of the original building remains today.

Today the convent is a venue for concerts and recitals, such as the International Music Festival of the Capuchos.

Admission is free, the views are great, and the garden is pleasant.  There is also a Chapel of St. Anthony that is decorated with seashells.

Play golf at Hotel Aldeia dos Capuchos Golf and Spa

Aldeia dos Capuchos Country Club was founded in 2012 and has more than 300 members.

The nine-hole, 1402 meter course has seven PAR 3 holes and two PAR 4 holes, as well as views of the ocean.

It is owned by the Hotel Aldeia dos Capuchos.  The hotel offers a three-night golf package for €110.

Lodging, breakfast, unlimited golf at Aldeia dos Capuchos,  as well as two greens fees at nearby Aroeira Golf and the 18 hole Quinta do Peru.

Free access to the indoor pool, sauna, Jacuzzi, Turkish bath, and gym are also included. 

The hotel also offers a seven-night golf package which includes lodging, breakfast, unlimited golf, four greens fees at Aroeira Golf and Quinta do Peru.

Access to the indoor pool, sauna, Jacuzzi, Turkish bath, and gym are also provided.

This package is €165.

The course is also open to the public and can be played without staying in the hotel.

Golf – Aldeia dos Capuchos Official Website

You could also get a tee time on your own at the 18 hole, par 72 Aroeira I course for €50 – €60, or book a golf and accommodation package through OFFERS — Aroeira Lisbon Hotel

Sol da Caparica Music Festival

The Sol da Caparica Music Festival will return August 11-14, 2022 at the Parque Urbano Costa da Caparica.  In 2019 they had more than 30 artists, bands, and DJs with 11 hours of music per day. 

Expect musicians From Portugal, Brazil, Angola, and the US.

Musical styles include alternative rock, African rhythms, samba, hip-hop, funk, and dance.

The last festival had two stages, a lounge, an animation cinema, and an avenue of surf and urban culture.

The festival plans to be back in the summer of 22.

Surfing lessons in Costa da Caparica

Caparica Evolution Surf School

Paredã Apoio 27, Nova Praia / Chapeu de Palha, near Bar Chapeu de Palha

Latitude  N 38.637305°

Longitude W 9.234459°

Open every day from May till October 9 a.m. till 8 pm.  Winter hours from November till April every day from 10 am until 6 pm.

T:  351939124758

E: info@kevolutionsurf.com

Caprica Evolution offers lessons for €20, a package of five lessons for €90, and one on one training for €50. A board, wetsuit, instructor, and insurance are provided.

Caparica Evolution Surf School (kevolutionsurf.com)

Duck Dive Nature Sports

Praia do Castelo

T: 351967102127

E: info@dduckdive.pt

Duck Dive Nature Sports has a TripAdvisor certificate of excellence and is the first surf school to be recognized by Tourism Portugal in Costa de Caparica.

Lessons last two hours and all equipment is provided.

Some of the lessons are recorded on video for instructional purposes.

One lesson is €40. A three-lesson package is €105. A five-lesson package is€130.

Lessons begin at 9 am, 11 am, 1 pm, 3 pm, and 5 pm.

Duck Dive also offers a week-long camp for all levels.

Included in the package are airport transfers, daily transportation to the beach, two classes per day, unlimited time in the water, and accommodations, all gear, cultural visits, and a visit to a board factory.

Home – Duckdive Nature Sports

Gusty Kite Kite Surf School

Fonte da Telha Kite Beach

T: 351960070107

E: info@gustykite.net

Dusty Kiteteaches lessons to all levels, using twin tip, surf, or foil boards. Private lessons are €55 per hour and semi-private lessons are €40 per hour

Gustykite — Portugal Kitesurf School | Since 2003

Time to Surf

Praia de Mata, Estrada Florestal 10

T: 351962449877

E: surf@timetosurf.pt

Two-hour long group lessons at Praia de Mata are €30. Children under 12 learn for €25 euros.

They also offer a guided surf tour for more advanced surfers.

Transportation from Lisbon is provided, and up to five hours in the water.

Insurance is included.

You will receive guidance from a professional surf coach, video of the session can be provided. 

The tour will be catered to your ability level, and may include beaches such as Ericeira or Peniche, which are not in Costa da Caparica.  For more information on Ericeira, see my article, How do you pronounce Ericeira? And is Ericeira worth visiting?

The guided tour is €75.

Surf School — Time to Surf

Get Your Guide Lisbon Bodyboard Experience

Get Your Guide offers a four-hour and an eight-hour bodyboarding trip to Costa da Caparica.

The tour is suitable for all ability levels, as long as you can swim.

Transportation from any hotel in Lisbon or Costa da Caparica is provided.

An instructor, insurance, and equipment are provided. The cost is $46.

Lisbon Bodyboard Experience | GetYourGuide

Lodging in Costa da Caparica

Costa da Caparica is more of a locals’ beach than the Estoril coastline, so there are fewer options for lodging.

Even the best hotels on the beach are very reasonably priced.

Here are some options at different price points. All are within walking distance from the Atlantic Ocean.

Tryp Lisboa Caparica Mar

Avenida General Humberto Delgado 47

TRYP Lisboa Caparica Mar, urban hotel in Lisbon | Melia.com

This seven-storey hotel with 354 rooms offers great ocean views, and is practically on the sand.

Each room has a private balcony, a bidet, flat-screen TV, and in-room safe. The hotel features a pool, two restaurants, and a bar. Pets are allowed.

Rooms start at €68.

Hotel Maia

Avenida Dr. Aresta Branco 22

Home | Hotel Maia

The hotel is located 650 feet from the shore, and 1.4 miles from the Convento dos Capuchos.

The recently- renovated two-star hotel offers air-conditioned rooms, flat-screen, satellite TVs, safe deposit boxes. Bathrooms are equipped with bidets.

A 196 square foot room with a view and a king bed goes for €48 per night. A continental breakfast is an additional €6.

Mr. Ziggy’s Surf House

Rua Dr. Castro Freire 3

Start | Mr. Ziggy’s Surfhouse | Costa da Caparica (mrziggysurfhouse.com)

A surf-themed hostel a few blocks from the beach (Praia CDS). Mr. Ziggy’s Surf House has room for 17 guests.

Each bed is its own curtained alcove.

Six-bedroom dorms go for $23 per night.

The hostel has lockers, an outdoor pool and a large yard with a patio.

They hold weekly barbecues, trips to Lisbon, surfing lessons, bodyboarding lessons, standup paddle lessons, and yoga.

Breakfast is included.


Costa da Caparica is not far from Lisbon, and has many beautiful, uncrowded beaches to enjoy, and is a great place to practice a variety of watersports.

Although Carcavelos Beach is not a Blue Flag beach (not as pristine), it is a little easier to get to than Costa da Caparica. Read my article, Lisbon’s most popular beach – Carcavelos Beach, Praia de Carcavelos

It should be noted that certain spots get large waves, strong winds, and strong currents, and that conditions will vary day-to-day.

Many stretches of the beach are protected by lifeguards, but others are not. Swimmers should respect the ocean conditions.