Travel insurance in the time of Covid

I am planning a two-month-long international trip, so I am currently researching Covid 19 travel insurance that includes quarantine coverage. Read on to find out what I have learned about travel insurance in the time of Covid.

Travel insurance in the time of Covid – Is travel insurance necesssary?

It depends.

  • Did you buy flexible flights and book hotels with 24 or 48 hour cancellation?  
  • Do you have cash on hand to pay for hotels and new flights if you are quarantined?
  • If you booked your airfare and hotels with your credit-card, that credit card may provide some coverage.  For example, American Express Platinum Card covers trip cancellation, trip delay, and lost luggage insurance.  Terms apply.
  • Your day-to-day health insurance may provide coverage for testing or seeing a physician while you are abroad. Check before leaving to find out if there are in-network hospitals or doctors wherever you are going. US Medicare does not cover anything overseas.

There are a few countries that require travel insurance in order for you to enter their territory. At the moment, they are Israel, Turkey, Ecuador, Egypt, Russia, United Arab Emirates, Aruba, the Bahamas, Jamaica, Tahiti, Turks and Caicos. This list may change frequently.

Does travel insurance cover Covid or the Omicron Variant?

When Covid first arrived, travel insurance companies did not cover it.  Now, Covid-19 and the Omicron Variant are largely covered like any other illness that causes trip delay or cancellation

Make sure to read the fine print on your policy, and look for pandemic or Covid-19 coverage.

Does travel insurance cover mandatory Covid-testing for passengers entering or returning to the United States?

No, travel insurance does not cover the expense of mandatory testing for all passengers. If, however, you become ill and a doctor orders that you (specifically) test, that expense may be covered.

What if a country closes it’s borders?

Travel insurance does not usually provide payment for border closures. 

Although, if you buy a more expensive Cancel For Any Reason (CFAR) policy, that would take care of it.

Furthermore, most travel insurance plans do not cover quarantine expenses if all travelers entering the country are ordered to quarantine.

However, if you are individually told to quarantine aside from all of the other passengers, that may be covered.

What if I’m not quarantined, but Coronavirus ramps up and I decide not to go?

This is never covered unless you have a Cancel For Any Reason policy. Furthermore, if a travel advisory or restriction is issued against the country you are visiting, that is not grounds for reimbursement of a canceled trip either.

Cancel for Any Reason Policies

Cancel For Any Reason (CFAR) riders are optional, and are not available to all travelers.

They are very time-sensitive, and usually must be added within 7 to 21 days of booking a first deposit for the trip, and before the trip takes place. 

It typically adds 40% to 50% to the price of the policy, and might only cover up to 75% reimbursement depending on the policy. 

If your trip is very expensive, or if losing money, or unpredictable border crossings concern you, this might be a very useful add-on.

CFAR riders may also help you resolve cancellations of vacation-home rentals with strict cancellation policies.

How to get quarantine reimbursement from insurance providers

Have documentation of your negative covid test, including a note from a doctor if available, and testing results and expenses.

Provide documentation that you are required to quarantine. Save receipts from medical bills and quarantine lodging expenses so that you can submit them.

When you buy your travel insurance policy is very important

According to insurance vendor Travel Insurance – Compare the Best Quotes & Buy Online (,

“Travelers who primarily want medical coverage during their trip should buy any time prior to the day before they leave, unless they need pre-existing condition coverage. Travelers who are interested in specific time-sensitive benefits, such as pre-existing condition coverage or cancel for any reason, must buy a policy within 14 to 21 days of making the initial trip deposit.”

Covid 19 travel insurance costs:

The cost of a policy depends on four things – the trip cost, the age of the travelers, the length of the trip, and the number of types of coverage included in the policy. Pre-existing medical conditions may also be a factor.

A survey of a few travel insurance providers

The following comparisons are based on a two-month-long, trans-Atlantic trip expected to cost $6000. The trip will take place between June and August 2022, with the largest air-fare bought in November of 2021.

World Nomads Travel Insurance

Prior to Covid, I always purchased travel insurance from World Nomad (underwritten by Nationwide). This year due to covid, I am considering other options as well and looking carefully at what the policy limitations are from each company.

World Nomad does not have a Cancel for Any Reason rider.

World Nomad quoted me, for two months in Europe $202 Standard Plan, $319 for Standard & Explorer Plan.  Both plans cover $100k worth of Emergency Medical Expenses. The cost of your policy will be different than the cost of mine.

Standard emergency accident and sickness medical expense $100,000 is covered, emergency dental treatment $750 is covered, pre-existing medical conditions are not covered.

For adventure sports and activities, certain sports may be covered.

Emergency evacuation $300,000 repatriation of remains $300,000.

Non-medical emergency transportation $25,000.

Trip cancellation $2500.

Trip interruption $2500.

Trip delay $500.

Baggage and personal effects $1000 baggage delay $750,

Accidental death and dismemberment $5000.

The Explorer Plan provides $100,000 worth of coverage for emergency accidents and sickness.

$750 provided for dental treatment.

Pre-existing conditions are not covered, adventure sports and activities certain sports may be covered.

Emergency evacuation $500,000 and repatriation of remains.

$500,000 non-medical emergency transportation.

$25,000 trip cancellation $10,000 trip interruption.

$10,000 trip delay $3000 baggage and personal effects.

$3000 baggage delay.

Rental car damage up to $35,000.

Accidental death and dismemberment $10,000.

Allianz Travel Insurance


$590 total cost

Epidemic Coverage Endorsement: Yes

Trip Cancellation: $6000

Emergency medical: $50,000

Emergency transportation: $1,000,000

Baggage loss / damage: $2000

$468 total cost

Epidemic Coverage Endorsement: Yes

Trip Cancellation: $6000

Emergency medical: $50,000

Emergency transportation: $500,000

Baggage loss / damage: $1000

$404 total cost

Epidemic Coverage Endorsement: Yes

Trip Cancellation: $6000

Emergency medical: $10,000

Emergency transportation: $50,000

Baggage loss / damage: $500

Travel Insurance – Affordable Plans Starting at $23 | Allianz Global Assistance (

Berkshire Hathaway Trip Protection

  • Exact care extra $944 includes baggage, medical, trip cancellation 100% of $6000, Trinterruption reimbursement 150% of $6000, trip delay pays $1000 at $200 a day, Missed connection $100, tarmac delay up to $1000, flight departure delay $50, lost baggage $500, baggage delay $150, medical expense reimbursement $50,000, emergency evacuation and repatriation of remains $500,000, accidental death and dismemberment $10,000

  • ExactCare costs $857.  Trip cancellation 100% of $6000, trip interruption 150% of $6000 trip interruption return air only $750, trip delay $1000 up to $200 per day, missed connection $500 lost baggage $1000, baggage delay $200, medical expense $25,000, emergency evacuation and repatriation $500,000, accidental death and dismemberment $10,000

  • Exact care value trip cancellation and trip interruption 100% of $6000, trip interruption return air only $500, trip delay $500 at $100 per day, lost or stolen baggage $750 (with a $50 deductible). Baggage delay $200, $15,000 for Medical expenses , and $150,000 for emergency evacuation or repatriation of remains.

  • Aircare Coverages – Fixed Benefit costs $116.  Pays $115 for a canceled flight.  Flight departure delay $50,flight diversion pays $150, Tarmac delay $1000, missed connection $100, lost baggage $500, baggage delay $200, late night delay $100.

See our Trip Insurance Plans | Berkshire Hathaway Travel Protection (

Travelguard Trip Insurance

Deluxe PlanPreferred PlanEssential Plan

Cost of plan:
CFAR optional upgrade:

Trip interruption:

Medical Expenses:

Trip delay: 



150% of insured trip cost

$100,000 ($500 for dental)

$1000 ($200 / day)



150% of insured trip cost 

$50,000($500 for dental)

$800 ($200 / day)


Not available

100% of insured trip cost

$15,000($500 for dental)

$500 ($100 / day)

All plans cover cancellation or interruption due to sickness, injury, or death of a family member or traveling companion.

Insurance is underwritten by NationalUnion Fire Insurance Company of Pittsburgh, Pa.

Travel Insurance | Get a Quote and Buy | Travel Guard

Additional Travel Advice for Coronavirus:

Re-open EU (

Disclaimer:  The information contained in this article serves as a general overview of benefits and should only be used for informational purposes. Refer to your individual certificate of insurance for specific coverages, exclusions, and benefits.  I am not affiliated with any of the companies mentioned in this article.

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