Introducing Lisbon’s Michelin Star Restaurants, 2022 edition

Lisbon has ten Michelin Star restaurants as of March, 2022. There are another three Michelin Star restaurants within a half-hour’s drive from Lisbon.


Rua Alchieta 15, in Chiado

Open Monday – Saturday 12:30 – 3:30 and 7 pm – midnight.

T 351 213 470 650

Chef Henrique Sá Pessoa’s Alma won its first Michelin Star in 2016, and was elevated to two stars in 2019.

Head sommeliers Filipe Wang and Pedro Ramos have created an informative wine list that represents every region of the country.

You can enjoy a menu de degustação (wine tasting menu) that presents six wines.

They also serve wine by the glass or bottle.

Executive Chef Henrique Sá Pessoa and Head Chef Daniel Costa have created two signature menus for guests.

The Costa a Costa Menu (Coast to Coast) features five seafood dishes at 120 euros.

The Alma Menu offers some of the chef’s most popular dishes, new interpretations of traditional Portuguese cuisine. The Alma Menu is 110 euros.

Alma also offers an A La Carte menu.

Alma – Henrique Sá Pessoa – Michelin star (


Rua Serpa Pinto 10A, Chiado

T 351 213 420 607

The restaurant is currently ranked number 42 on The World’s Top 50 Restaurants List.

Belcanto is the first restaurant in Lisbon to win two Michelin Stars, and Chef Avillez is the first Portuguese chef to hold that honor.

It is no surprise that Chef Avillez is one of Portugal’s best know chefs.

The author of cookbooks and star of cooking shows has worked with Ferran Adria at el Bullí.

Belcanto offers two tasting menus that each tell a story in different chapters.

The Evolution Menu at 185 euros is a play on Portuguese innovation and exploration. The menu starts with a Portuguese classic and reinvents it.

Combining tradition and innovation, you will enjoy new flavors, new textures, and new culinary ideas.

The Belcanto Menu, 165 euros, features the highlights of Portugal’s and Lisbon’s heritage, as well as the restaurant’s previous successes.

Wine pairings are an additional 85 to 120 euros.

The restaurant is located in a former convent, but is an exclusive space – only offering ten tables per lunch and dinner seating.

You may need to make reservations up to three months in advance.

The reservation must be guaranteed by a credit card, and you must either cancel or confirm within 48 hours.

Some of the other restaurants on this list have the same reservation policy or require a deposit.

Belcanto (

100 Maneiras

Rua do Teixeira 39 in Bairro Alto

The name 100 Maneiras translates to “100 Ways.” It is an indication that there are many possibilities, an absence of rules, and an abundance of creativity.

Which is what Yugoslavian chef Ljubomir Stanisic – “the most-Portuguese-Yugoslavian cook ever,” is known for.  

Chef Ljubomir has been a celebrity chef since 2011, when he was a judge in the first Masterchef Portugal.

He was co-author and main character of “Papa Quilómetros” TV show, broadcasted by Fox International Channels across Europe. 

From 2017 until 2020, he was the host of the Portuguese version of Kitchen Nightmares.  He is also the author of five cookbooks.

The restaurant has 32 seats.  It also has a glass room with views of the city.

Three tasting menus which combine ideas from French, Portuguese, and Yugoslav cuisine.

The Story  €125 for the Story menu (+€115 for wine pairing with 12 wines)

The Short Story  €95 for the Short Story menu (+€90 for wine pairing with 9 wines)

Echoes from 100  €110 for the Echoes from 100 menu (+€100 for wine pairing with 10 wines)

Thursday – Monday 7 pm – 1 am (last reservation is 8:30)  

Booking – 100 Maneiras (

T 351 910 918 981   

Home – 100 Maneiras

100 Maneiras also has a bistro at Largo da Trinidad 9, Chiado.  In 2017 the magazine Monocle ranked Bistro 100 Maneiras number one in the world.

T 351 910 307 575

Monday, Thursday and Friday from 6.30 pm to 2 am – (kitchen closes at 12 am)

weekends from 12 pm to 3 pm and 6.30 pm to 2 am – (kitchen closes at 12 am)

Booking – Bistro 100 Maneiras (

Cura – the newest Michelin Star in Lisbon

Chef Pedro Penas Bastos’ restaurant Cura at the Four Seasons Hotel Ritz, Rua Rodrigo da Fonseca, 88, Lisbon has earned its first Michelin Star, becoming the newest Michelin Star restaurant in Lisbon.

Opening a restaurant in the middle of the pandemic in the city’s most iconic hotel was a huge challenge and expectations were very high,” says Guilherme Costa, General Manager of Four Seasons Hotel Ritz Lisbon.

“Pedro Pena Bastos, the chef chosen to lead the new project at the Hotel lived up to it, and together with his team they bring the first star to CURA, while the restaurant celebrates its first year of existence,” he continued.

CURA offers three tasting menus: the vegetarian Raízes (€85); the lighter menu Meia Cura (€105); and the full tasting menu Origens (€145). They also have several a la carte options.

Signature dishes include:

squid with hazelnut, bergamot, toasted seaweed, butter, and Ossetra caviar

Amberjack with lettuce, peppers, tea, pollen, sunflower, cured pork, melon, and shiso, 

Carob and black garlic, egg, honey, raspberry, and lavender

Merino lamb, quince, wild spearmint

Red mullet, broccoli, parsley, saffron

Figs with beetroot, lime, and reindeer moss

With a total of 28 seats, Cura is open Tuesday – Saturday from 7:30 pm – 11 pm.   

For booking: or call 351 213 811 401Website: Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts | Luxury Hotels | Four Seasons | Cura


Rua Marquês de Fronteira, Jardim Amália Rodrigues

T 351 213 862 211

Chef Joachim Koerper’s Eleven offers some of the best views of Lisbon and the Tejo River.

The restaurant features Mediterranean cuisine made with the best ingredients.

Chef Koerper offers an A La Carte Spring Menu. Choices include caviar, tuna, crawfish, octopus, John Dory, Blue lobster, Galician beef loin, duck, or an adventure in a Singapore market.

The 50 Years Menu is a reflection of the chef’s career which started in Germany and then led him around the globe.

It includes crawfish with pork knee, foie gras with elvas plum, red mullet, and suckling pig.

He also serves his own interpretation of a pastel de nata.

This menu is 109 euros, and a wine pairing is an additional 50 euros.

The Eleven Menu offers all of the dishes listed on the Spring Menu, plus desserts.

Each couple also receives a free cookbook as a thank-you.

This menu is 119 euros per person, and the wine pairing is 59 euros per person.

.The Blue Lobster Menu is 185 euros. The wine pairing is an additional 85 euros per person.

This menu also comes with a gift of a cookbook.

Reservations can be made on the website.

Homepage – Eleven Restaurant | Joachim Koerper (

Eneko Lisboa

Rua Maria Luisa Holstein, 15

T 351 912 411 863

Eneko Lisboa was a first-time Michelin Star winner in 2021, but Basque chef Eneko Atxa is not a newbie. His restaurant Azurmendi in Biscay, Spain, is a three Michelin Star restaurant,

Eneko offers two tasting menus – Erroak and Adarrak.

The Erroak Menu offers a vegetable tartare, a shrimp dish, lobster, ox-tail, haddock or whitefish, pork loin, and desserts.

The Adarrak Menu includes oysters, lobster, shrimp, mushrooms in garlic sauce, eggplant, Iberian pork, red mullet, and dessert.

Reservar Online | Eneko Lisboa (


Largo da Academia de Belas Artes, 14 T 351 213 460 519

Chef Vicente Farges offers simple, yet technically sophisticated, minimalist plates.

Lunch is served Tuesday through Friday for 45 euros.

At dinner, the Petit Apetit Menu is 70 euros. It includes an appetizer, one entree, and a dessert. A wine pairing is an additional 25 euros.

Quatro Momentos Menu includes an appetizer, two main courses, and a dessert for 90 euros. A wine pairing is an additional 40 euros.

Seis Momentos offers two small plates, two main dishes, and two desserts. 125 euros. The wine pairing is an additional 60 euros.

Oito Momentos offers three small plates, three main courses, and two desserts for 160 euros. The wine pairing is an additional 80 euros.



Doca do Bom Sucesso, Located in the Altis Hotel in Belém

Prior to opening Feitoria, Chef João Rodriguez worked with Chef Sebastien Grospelier (2 Stars) at Varanda at the Ritz Hotel Four Seasons.

Then he earned Chef of the Year while working at Pragma restaurant.

He served as Sous-Chef when Feitoria opened in 2009, and has since worked his way up to Executive Chef. In that time, Feitoria won eight consecutive Michelin Stars, and a ninth in 2021.

Seven Moments Menu is 120 euros per person, plus a 55 euro wine pairing.

Nine Moments Menu is 140 euros per person. The wine pairing is an additional 75 euros per person.

Seven Moments Whole Vegetarian Menu is 95 euros with a 45 euro wine pairing.

Nine Moments Whole Vegetarian Menu is offered for 115 euros, plus a wine pairing for 55 euros per person.

Restaurant Feitoria | Michelin Star Restaurant in Lisbon (

Fifty Seconds

Hotel Myriad by Sana

Cais das Naus, Lote 2.2.01, Parque das Nações

T 351 211 525 380

Located on the top-floor of the Myriad Hotel in Parque das Nações, the elevator ride to the restaurant takes 50 seconds.

The restaurant offers stunning views of Lisbon and the river.

Another chef from the Basque Country, Martin Berastegui started working in the family restaurant at age 13. By 21 he was in charge, and at 26, he won his first of several Michelin Stars (eight in Portugal).

He is currently considered one of the top 30 chefs in the world.

The Fifty Seconds Menu includes cod, foie-gras, basil soup, Iberian ham, pork´s tail cannelloni and aubergine tortellini, steamed sea bass, caviar
charcoal grilled ox fillet, potato and pancetta terrine, bone marrow jus, and dessert for 160 euros.

The Tasting Menu, for 190 euros, includes gooseneck barnacles and caviar, jalapeño, licorice ice cream and cucumber mayonnaise,
sautéed sea scallop, cauliflower cream and chives, noisette butter foam and sherry vinegar, Oscietra caviar, blue lobster, hake ‘’al pil pil” of fine herbs, red mullet with crispy scales, royal pigeon, and dessert.

Make reservations on their website.

Fifty Seconds by Martín Berasategui – Torre V. Gama, Lisboa (

Fortaleza do Guincho (Praia do Guincho)

Fortaleza do Guincho is a seaside restaurant in a 17th-century fortress that is now a 5-star hotel. It is not actually in Lisbon, but a little over a half-hour away, on the Atlantic coast, north of Cascais.

The restaurant is a long-time Michelin Star winner, since 2001, and is operated by Chef Gil Fernandes.  

Tasting menus change frequently and emphasize seafood.

The chef has created a dessert called the “Dunes of Guincho,” an arrangement of pineapple, pinions, and resin that resemble a shell on the beach.

Hotel Fortaleza do Guincho Relais & Châteaux (official website)

LAB at Penhalonga Resort (Sintra)

Estrada da Lagoa Azul, Sintra (18 miles from Lisbon)

T 351 219 249 011

LAB is a laboratory of fine dining with views overlooking one of Portugal’s top golf courses.

Chef Sergi Arola’s LAB offers three different tasting menus, more than 550 wines, an exclusive selection of cognac and Armagnac, and a menu of more than 40 varieties of tea.

The Inside the Mountain Menu features veal sweetbread, scarlet prawns, matured calf and artichoke, Urze’s honey and fowers, petit fours and desserts. The menu is 115 euros. With a wine pairing, it is 200 euros.

The Outside the Mountain Menu includes oysters bulhão pato, cured yolk and caviar, turbot, chicken stew, blue lobster, kombucha, avocado and citronella, sardines, petit fours and sweets. This menu is 145 euros, or 260 euros with a wine pairing.

Book on their website.

LAB by Sergi Arola

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Rua dos Navegantes 53B, by the Basílica da Estrela

Open Monday – Friday, from 7 pm – 11 pm.

Opened five years ago by partners Sara Gomes and Chef Alexandre Silva.

Loco won its first Michelin star within eight months of opening – an accomplishment that very few restaurants in the world have been able to match.

Alexandre Silva is known for creativity and innovation. 

After working at the restaurant Bocca in Singapore, he won notoriety as the first winner on Top Chef Portugal in 2012. 

Following that, Chef Silva went to work at El Celler de Can Roca, in Spain. 

In addition to Loco, Chef Silva owns Alexandre Silva no Mercado, at the Mercado da Ribeira / Timeout Market.  In December of 2019, he opened Fogo at Avenida Elias Garcia 57A near Campo Pequeno Shopping Center.

The interior of Loco features an open kitchen, sleek design, and even a suspended olive tree.

The restaurant seats 22 guests.

The 16 course Loco menu is 113 euros per person.  With a wine pairing, the price is 198 euros per person.  With nonalcoholic drink pairing, the price is 158 euros per person.

Parking is only 150 meters away.

LOCO Restaurante • Lisboa | Portugal

Midori (Sintra)

Estrada da Lagoa Azul, Linhó Sintra (18 miles from Lisbon)

T 351 219 249 011

Open Tuesday – Saturday 7 pm – 10 pm.

Midori is the only Japanese restaurant with a Michelin Star in Portugal.

Chef Pedro Almeida offers “Japanese fine dining with a Portuguese soul.”

The small restaurant (only six tables) looks onto the open kitchen and has fantastic views of the Sintra mountains.

In fact, the word “Midori” means green in Japanese and is an apt description for the Sintra landscape.

The eight-course Kiri Menu includes miso soup, mukozuke, nimono, sushi, yasai, sakana, niku, mae dezato, and dezato.

The Yama Menu is nine courses, including miso soup, mukozuke, agemono, yakimono, sushi, sakana, niku, mae dezato, and dezato.


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A map of Michelin Star Restaurants in or near Lisbon


A handful of the world’s top chefs ply their trade in Lisbon.

If you admire innovation, creativity, and perfection in the kitchen, and are willing to pay top dollar for the highest quality and service available, you have several options to choose from in Lisbon.

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Thank you for reading my article. Note that I am not affiliated with any of the businesses mentioned on this page.