Baixa-Chiado Metro Station: Everything you need to know

Lisbon’s Baixa-Chiado metro station is the intersection of the Linha Azul (Blue Line) and Linha Verde (Green Line) of Lisbon’s subway system.

On the Blue Line, the Baixa-Chiado stop sits between the Restauradores Square stop and the Terreiro do Paço station located at Praça do Comércio.

On the Green Line, Baixa-Chiado comes between the Rossio Square stop and the Cais do Sodré Transport Terminal.

Baixa-Chiado station is located under Rua Ivens and is between the Baixa and Chiado neighborhoods. The station is a good, easy cut-through to get from the low-lying Baixa neighborhood to the elevated Chiado neighborhood without having to attack a hill. For specific instructions, see my article How to get from Baixa to Chiado

That is, of course, if the escalators are working. This is the deepest metro station in the city, and you feel it if you have to climb the escalator stairs when they are not running.

When is the Baixa-Chiado Subway Station open?

The Baixa-Chiado Subway Station is open from 6:30 am until 1 am.

If you have a Viva Viagem travel card (that you buy at this or any Lisbon subway station), you pay just 1.47€ per ride. Another option is to purchase a Lisboa tourism card, which allows for free use of public transportation and free or reduced admission to many sites.

Where are the entrances to the Baixa-Chiado Metro Station?

Entrance to Lisbon's Baixa-Chiado Metro Station on Rua do Crucifixo in the Baixa neighborhood.
Entrance to Lisbon’s Baixa-Chiado Metro Station on Rua do Crucifixo in the Baixa neighborhood.

In the Baixa neighborhood, you can enter the Baixa-Chiado station at the intersection of Rua do Crucifixo and Rua da Victória. In the upper, Chiado neighborhood, you can enter at Largo do Chiado in front of the famous Café a Brasileira.

The stairs leading down into Lisbon's Baixa-Chiado Subway Station are behind the guitarist in the red shirt who is busking at Largo do Chiado Square.
The stairs leading down into the Baixa-Chiado Subway Station are behind the guitarist in the red shirt. He may not be there, so look for the statue of the poet Chiado.

What attractions are near the Baixa-Chiado Metro Station?

  • Largo do Chiado Square – This beautiful square is one of Lisbon’s most popular meeting-points.  It is home to Cafe a Brasileira and has street performers day and night.
  • Praca Luís de Camões – Another popular square to it and watch live performances is one short block west of Largo do Chiado Square. To learn more read my Discover Lisbon’s Praça Luís de Camões
  • Elevador da Bica – West of Luís de Camões, this funicular goes up and down one of Lisbon’s most beautiful streets. Top things to know about the Elevador da Bica
  • Shopping Armazens do Chiado – At the top of Rua Garrett, this great shopping mall oversees the Chiado neighborhood. There are also some fantastic bookstores in this neighborhood, including the oldest continuously-operating bookstore in the world.
  • The Chiado neighborhood is well known for its great dining options, including a few Michelin Star Restaurants.
  • Convento do Carmo Ruins – The Carmo Church and convent were destroyed in the 1755 earthquake. The walls and the arches still stand today and are a must-see site in Lisbon.
  • Igreja de São Roque Church – Built over a cemetery for plague victims, the simple São Roque Church has some of the most stunning chapels in Europe, as well as a wonderful museum of liturgical items.
  • Santa Justa Elevator – Mesnier du Ponsard’s wrought iron elevator provides great views of the city and is another way to move between the Baixa and Chiado neighborhoods.

Here is the official -website for the Lisbon metro system. I offer you user-friendly tips for navigating the metro system in my article Lisbon Metro: A helpful guide to the Lisbon subway

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