How to get from Baixa to Chiado

How to get from Baixa to Chiado in Lisbon? Although the two neighborhoods are right next to each other, one is at sea level – Baixa (the lower city), and Chiado, to the west, is a bit higher up. I will give you some shortcuts.

Walk up the hill to get from Baixa to Chiado

Walk the 10% incline of Rua do Carmo. The low end starts just off of Rossio Square on flat land. The high point is in front of the Armazens do Chiado shopping center. Official website: Armazéns do Chiado (

The shopping center is the anchor of the Chiado neighborhood.

If you turn right on Rua Garrett, you will come first to Largo do Chiado Square and then Praça Luís de Camões.

Beyond that on your left, you will find the Ascensor da Bica and one of the prettiest lanes in Lisbon.

To your right are the hills of Bairro Alto.

You can take an elevator from Baixa to Chiado

If you choose the walking uphill option to get from Baixa to Chiado, you only have to go to a quarter of the way up the street and then you could decide to take an elevator up to Chiado. This is the easiest way to get to Chiado.

On the right side of the street, you will see the sign for the Oslo store. Just past the sign, enter the doorway and you’ll see an elevator that goes up to the back side of the Carmo Convent. This elevator is free for the public to use. See my article Lisbon’s secret elevators – free shortcuts to the hilltops.

These multi-media large birds are located behind Lisbon's Santa Justa Lift.  They were created by local artist Bordallo II

Before you notice the Oslo store sign, these large birds on the left side of the street will catch your eye. They were created by the local plastics artist Bordallo II. Lisbon is a top city in Europe for street art. For more information on murals and street art, see my article Where to see street art in Lisbon

Maybe before you notice the birds, you notice the crowd of people standing around the wrought-iron structure on the left side of the street. This landmark is also an elevator, the famous Elevador de Santa Justa.

It will take you to roughly the same spot behind the Carmo Convent. But this one is beautiful and historic. It is not free. To learn more, read my Elevador de Santa Justa | Everything you need to know

Go through the metro station to get to Chiado

Baixa neighborhood entrance of the Baixa-Chiado metro station on Lisbon's Rua do Crucifixo

On the corner of Rua do Crucifixo and Rua da Victoria you’ll find the Baixa Chiado Metro Station (green line). You do not need to pay to use the metro, you are just going to walk through the building.

Enter the station and go down the escalators. You will see turnstiles to your left and right. Ignore them. Go straight.

The sign says "SAida" Exit.  "Largo do Chiado" Chiado Square. "Rua de Misericordia."  Misericordia street.  Beyond that are escalators that go up to Lisbon's Chiado neighborhood

Look for a sign that says “Saida- Largo do Chiado”. Beyond the sign you will see escalators leading up.

These escalators will take you to Largo do Chiado Square.

Sometimes, these escalators are not working. If that’s the case, you will be disappointed. This is the deepest metro station in Lisbon.

If they are working, you will come out of the station at Largo do Chiado Square.

One more elevator goes up to Chiado

Another option if you are standing in front of the metro station, look to your right and you will see a parking garage.

Parking garage on Rua do Crucifixo, Lisbon

Just before the garage, you will see the Mango Store at 123 Rua do Crucifixo. Just inside, there is an elevator on your left. On the fifth floor, you will be able to exit the Armazens do Chiado shopping center onto Rua Garrett.

I am not affiliated with any of the businesses mentioned in this article. Hopefully you found a useful shortcut to go from Baixa to Chiado. Thanks for reading “How to get from Baixa to Chiado.”