Rossio Train Station – Everything you need to know

Rossio Train Station – in Portuguese Estação de Caminhos de  Ferro do Rossio, provides train service from Lisbon to the nearby town of Sintra, and to the Queluz National Palace. Trains are operated by Comboios de Portugal – the national train service.

You can learn more about what the town of Sintra offers in my article, How to plan a day trip or overnight trip to Sintra from Lisbon –

There are multiple train stations in Lisbon. If you are looking to go to Estoril or Cascais, this is not your station. That train leaves from the Cais do Sodré train station (metro green line).

If you are traveling to Porto or the Algarve, this is not your station. Those trains leave from the Oriente Train Station (metro red line).

Originally, Rossio was Lisbon’s central and busiest train station. The inscription above the doors reads “Estação Central,” but today most trains around Portugal depart from Oriente Station.

If you are heading to Porto or points north, your train departs from Santa Apolónia Station.

You can also catch a train to Sintra from Oriente, but the train from Rossio is a shorter ride, unless you already find yourself at or near Oriente Station / Parque das Nações.

The double-arches of the Rossio Train Station in Lisbon, Portugal

Rossio Station History and Architecture

Updated 8/20/23. Designed by Portuguese architect José Luís Monteiro in 1886, Estação do Rossio opened in 1891. The station is famous for its horse-shoe-shaped Neo-Manueline style doors, copying the ornate entrance carvings that were made popular by King Manuel’s building spree in the 16th century.

The ticket offices and train platforms are actually on the second floor of the station. From the entry hall, you either ride elevators or escalators.

Once on the train though, you descend under Lisbon and pass through a 1.8 mile-long tunnel that opened in 1890 and at the time was one of Portugal’s greatest engineering feats.

Detail of the Neo-Manueline Arched doorframe at Lisbon's Rossio Station
Rossio Station is famous for its Neo-Manueline Arched door frames

Rossio Train Station Ticket Office Hours

Ticket offices on second floor of Lisbon's Rossio Train station.  From here you can buy a ticket to Sintra or Queluz National Palace

The ticket office is typically open seven days a week, from 7 am – 9 pm. The ticket lines are often very long. Best to arrive very early in the morning.

You can, however, skip the ticket line. If you have a Viva Viagem metro card with a zapping balance that covers the cost of the trip, you can proceed through the turnstile without buying a train ticket. The charge will be deducted from your balance when you arrive at your destination. The fare is also cheaper using this method.

If you purchased a Lisboa Card, you can ride the train for free as well.

Facilities at the Rossio Train Station

These large lockers are located on the second floor of the Rossio Train Station

Large ockers are available on the second floor of the Rossio Train Station. The cost is 4.75€ per day. The lockers are available on a first-come, first-served basis. They cannot be reserved in advance.

There is a coffee shop just off of the train platform on the second floor. There is also a hostel on the second floor of the Rossio Train Station.

Interior of the Lisbon Destination Hostel, on the top floor of the Rossio Train Station in Lisbon, Portugal
Lobby of Lisbon Destination Hostel, top floor of the Rossio Train Station. You cannot hear the trains!

Train Trip from Rossio to Sintra

Turnstyles at Lisbon's central Rossio Train Station

Trains going to Estação de Sintra (Sintra Station) leave every 20 minutes. It is a 40-minute ride. The daily schedule of trains can be found here. Monday to Friday, the first train leaves Rossio at 5:41 am and arrives in Sintra at 6:21 am. On weekends and holidays, the first train leaves Rossio at 6:01 am and arrives in Sintra at 6:41 am.

Returning, the last train (seven days a week) leaves Sintra at 1:20 am and arrives at Rossio at 1:59 am.

The ticket is 2.30€ one way, 4.60€ for a round trip. Children pay half. For a map of the route and official prices, click here.

Train Trip from Rossio to Queluz National Palace

Train platform at Lisbon's central Rossio Train Station

In order to go to Queluz National Palace, you will take the same train that goes to Sintra, but you will get off either at Monte Abrão Station or at Queluz-Belas Station. Both stops are approximately 1 km from the palace. This twenty-minute trip costs 1.65€ one way (de ida), or 3.30 round trip (ida e volta).

How to get to Rossio Train Station

Rossio Train Station is located in the center of Lisbon in the Baixa district. It is a few feet away from the Restauradores metro station (blue line) and a few meters away from Rossio Square (Praça Dom Pedro IV) metro station (green line). Rossio Train Station is just south of Avenida da Liberdade.

Address: Rua 1de Dezembro

GPS Coordinates: 38.714399|-9.140909

Hot to access Lisbon’s public transportation from the Rossio Train Station

To access the Restauradores Metro Station (metro blue line), exit the train station, turn to the left, and walk to the end of the block. You will find stairs going down into the station in front of the Avenida Palace Hotel. You can also get to the Cais do Sodré train / ferry terminal on the blue line of the metro.

The facade of the Rossio Train Station in Lisbon , Portugal.  A large crowd is crossing the street and heading in the direction of Praça Dom Pedro IV.
The facade of the Rossio Train Station in Lisbon , Portugal. A large crowd is crossing the street and heading in the direction of Praça Dom Pedro IV.

In order to access the green line of the Lisbon subway system, exit the Rossio Train Station, cross the street, walk across Rossio Square (Praça Dom Pedro IV), and find the steps going down into the Rossio Metro Station.

How do I get from Rossio Train Station to the Airport?

If you cross the street in front of the station, you should find a taxi going north (to your left) for 12€ to the airport. It is a twenty-minute ride depending on traffic.

Walk across the street to the Rossio metro station (Green line). Get the train heading in the direction of Telheiras. Switch to the red line at Alameda station. The airport is the last stop on the red line. The ride is roughly a half hour. Best if you do not have a lot of luggage.

How do I get from Oriente Station to Rossio Station?

A taxi will cost 12€. It is a twenty-minute ride, plus traffic.

From Oriente Station, take the red line in the direction of Sao Sebastian. At Alameda, switch to the green line in the direction of Cais do Sodré. Get off at Rossio. Walk northwest across the tiled Rossio Square until you see the arches of the Rossio Train Station.

Lodging near Rossio Train Station

You can actually stay IN the Rossio Train Station. Lisbon Destination Hostel is an award-winning hostel located on the top floor. Due to its location, this is among the most unique lodging you can find in Lisbon.

Although located inside the train station, guests do not hear trains.

The hostel has air conditioning and ceiling fans. They offer laundry facilities, and hot showers.  

Private rooms can be had for $71 per night in the high season. They also have mixed and all-female dorms with eight or ten beds. Each bed comes with a light, a locker, outlets, and a privacy curtain. Dorms have en suite bathrooms.

The hostel has ping-pong, hammocks, a pool table, and the bar has buy one get one beer during happy hour every night. Pancake breakfast and other meals are available in the hostel. To book:

Lisbon Destination Hostel, on the second floor of Lisbon's central Rossio Train Station

For classic luxury, the Avenida Palace is one of Lisbon’s most popular hotels. It is adjacent to the Rossio Train Station as well, as it was originally a support building for the railroad. The five-star hotel is known for its beautiful neo-classical architecture and excellent service. They offer room service, an excellent breakfast buffet, a fitness center, a bar, a library, and a business center. Air-conditioned double rooms go for around $250 per night. To book:

What else is near Rossio Train Station?

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Restauradores Square Just north of the Rossio Train Station, you will find theatres, luxury hotels, several banks, the Hard Rock Cafe, and access to the metro system at Praça dos Restauradores.

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Igreja de São Domingos Church São Domingos Church in Lisbon the seat of the Inquisition and the massacre of the city’s Jewish population, this church also suffered earthquakes and fires. Nonetheless, the damaged interior is still quite beautiful in a unique way.

Ginjinha Shops The two oldest are located near São Domingos Church. Your questions about Ginjinha answered here Try a shot of this unique local spirit for 1.25€

Jardim do Príncipe Real Jardim do Príncipe Real – one of Lisbon’s most beautiful parks

Ascensor da Glória How to get to Bairro Alto? (Hint: Take the Glória Funicular) Going north from Rossio Train Station, on the left side of the road, you will find this funicular that goes up and down the steep Calçada da Glória. The alley is painted with murals and graffiti. As you exit at the top, go to the right and you will find the Miradouro de São Pedro de Alcântara scenic viewpoint.

São Pedro de Alcântara This scenic viewpoint can be one of the more romantic spots in Lisbon. If has fountains, views, vendors, and seating to watch the sun go down over the castle and Lisbon’s central Baixa district.

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