Praça dos Restauradores | What to know

Praça dos Restauradores, Restauradores Square, or Restoration Square, is one of Lisbon’s busiest and most convenient public squares.

It is like the center of a canyon of luxury hotels and magnificent buildings that surround the flat, central part of Lisbon.

The centerpiece of the square is a 30-meter-tall obelisk monument celebrating independence from Spain in the Restoration War.  The war ended 60 years of Spanish rule.

Monumento aos Restauradores in Lisbon's Praça dos Restauradores Square
The Monumento aos Restauradores

The monument was erected in 1886.  Bronze figures at the base of this statue depict victory and freedom. Names and dates of the battles of the war are also engraved on the monument.

Lisbon's Monumento aos Restauradores at night

Southwest of the square you will find the Rossio train station and the Avenida Palace Hotel.

The Rossio Train Station, like the square itself, was built in 1886.

The railway station is notable for its Manueline – inspired arched doorways. The ornate Manueline style, with its intricate details of ropes and sea-faring motifs was the architectural style of King Manuel – during the Portuguese Age of Exploration.

From here you can catch a train to the picturesque town of Sintra and visit its castles.

Manueline -style arched doors of  Lisbon's Rossio Train Station
Manueline -style arched doors of Lisbon’s Rossio Train Station

The Avenida Palace Hotel is attached to the Rossio Train Station. It was designed by architect José Luís Monteiro, who also created the Rossio Train Station.

Monteiro switched styles for the train-station annex and created a beautiful Beaux-Arts structure. The Avenida Palace Hotel was built between 1890- 1892.

The area around Lisbon's classic Avenida Palace Hotel and Restauradores Metro Station is always busy with pedestrians and tour buses
The area around Lisbon’s classic Avenida Palace Hotel and Restauradores Metro Station is always busy with pedestrians and tour buses

The Restauradores Metro Station (blue line) is located on the corner of the square just outside of the Avenida Palace Hotel.

Passengers line up for the Ascensor da Glória funicular just off of Restauradores Square
Passengers line up for the Ascensor da Glória just off of Restauradores Square

To the west of the square is the Elevador da Glória, a funicular that has been taking passengers uphill to Baixo Alto and the Príncipe Real neighborhood since 1885.  To learn more about this funicular, see my article, How to get to Bairro Alto? (Hint: Take the Glória Funicular)

You can ride the Elevador da Glória, as well as all public transport in Lisbon for free with a Lisboa Card.

Also on the western side of the square is the pink Palácio Foz,

The palace was built in the 18th and 19th centuries by the Marquês do Castelo Melhor.  It was eventually purchased by the Marquês do Foz. It eventually housed the Ministry of Propaganda during the Salazar regime (1932-1974). 

Today a portion of the building houses government offices, including Portugal’s tourism headquarters. 

Occasionally the building is open for special events or tours.

Next door is the Art Deco Teatro Eden.  The Eden Theater was built in the 1930s by architect Cassiano Branco.  It is now an exclusive hotel, the VIP Aparthotel.

Lisbon's Art Deco Condes Teatro building currently houses the Lisbon Hard Rock Cafe
Lisbon’s Art Deco Condes Teatro building currently houses the Lisbon Hard Rock Cafe

On the east side of the square are several Banks and restaurants including the Hard Rock Cafe.

The Hard Rock Cafe is located in the beautiful Art Deco Condes Cinema building.

Condes Cinema, Lisbon – Global Art Deco

Where is Restauradores Square?

Just north of Rossio Square, Restauradores Square is located at the southeast end of the elegant Avenida da Liberdade, a street famous for its mansions and high-end shopping.

At the opposite end of Avenida Liberdade are Parque Eduardo VII and the Marquês de Pombal Square.

GPS Coordinates: 38.71579300775316, -9.141237944571076 

Lodging near Praça dos Restauradores

All of these accommodations share several things in common – they are in the most convenient, central, and flat neighborhood in the city.

Hotel Altis Avenida

Altis Avenida is a five-star boutique hotel with rooms going for under $200 a night.

At the top of the beautiful Art-Deco Style building, Rossio Gastrobar has views of the castle and the city. Some of the rooms also have balconies that open onto city views.

To book:

Avenida Palace Hotel

Always popular with diplomats and politicians, the Hotel Avenida Palace’s English-style pub and lobby were rumored to be a hotbed of espionage during World War II.

Today the five-star hotel offers large, quiet rooms in the center of the city. Guests say that staying in this hotel is one of the best things about visiting Lisbon.

To book:

Lisbon Destination Hostel

Those on a budget can stay in this convenient, central neighborhood as well.

The Lisbon Destination Hostel is located on the top floor of the Rossio Train Station, where it has been winning international hostel awards since 2014.

To book:

One Palácio da Anunciada

This hotel is not actually on the Restauradores Square, but one block east behind the Condes Theatre and the Hard Rock Cafe.

The original building dates to 1533 and originally was a monastery. Destroyed by the 1755 earthquake, it was beautifully restored in 2015, and today is a breathtaking modern luxury hotel built on a historic foundation.

To book:

VIP Eden Executive Aparthotel Rooftop pool and bar

One of the most interesting buildings on Restauradores Square, the VIP Eden Executive Aparthotel was originally the Eden Theater, a 1930s building with a unique Art Deco facade.

Today the four-star hotel offers a rooftop pool and garden with great views of the city.

While the VIP Eden may not be as luxurious as some of the other hotels in the neighborhood, the price is unbeatable for the location, with studio apartments going for around $100 per night.

Pets are also allowed.

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Parking near Praça dos Restauradores

There is an underground garage at the north end of Praça dos Restauradores. The entrance is across from the Condes Theater / Hard Rock Cafe.

The garage has 540 spaces and is equipped with security cameras. It is open 24 hours.


  • .90 €   for first 15 minutes
  • First hour 2.70 €
  • Daily rate 23 €

What else is near Praça dos Restauradores?

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