Lisbon travel and tourism statistics

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View of Lisbon's Alfama neighborhood and the Tejo River from the Miadouro das Portas do Sol scenic viewpoint
The Alfama neighborhood and Tejo River seen from the Miradouro das Portas do Sol viewpoint

How many people visited Portugal last year?

“According to the National Statistics Institute (INE), the country welcomed 26.5 million guests and 69.5 million overnight stays with respective increases of 83.3% and 86.3% compared to 2021. When we include camping sites and youth hostels, these numbers rise even higher, to 28.9 million guests and 77 million overnight stays across the year.” Source:,a%20slight%20decline%20in%20numbers.

How many hotels are there in Lisbon?

According to Lisbon Tourism Association (Turismo de Lisboa), in December 2022, Lisbon had a total of 246 hotels, 24,457 rooms, and 45,130 beds available for tourists. This includes hotels, aparthotels, and pousadas. The number does not include AirBnBs.

Source: Hosting Capacity – – Public Administration Open Data Portal

According to CNN Portugal “Next year, a new hotel will be born in Portugal every five days.”  CNN Portugal reports that “According to data from the Hotel Association of Portugal (AHP), provided to CNN Portugal/TVI, there are currently almost 1800 hotels in Portugal: 1572 units from one to five stars, 43 inns and 153 apartment hotels.”

Source: A cada cinco dias, vai nascer um novo hotel em Portugal (e Lisboa não é a recordista) – CNN Portugal (

How many AirBnBs are there in Lisbon?

There are 22,605 AirBnB’s in Lisbon.


What is the most expensive hotel in Lisbon? 

Four Seasons Hotel Ritz

What is the biggest hotel in Lisbon?

With 577 rooms, the Lisbon Marriott is the largest hotel in Lisbon. It was the largest hotel in Portugal until the Savoy palace opened in Funchal, Madeira in 2019.

Source: Os maiores Hotéis de Portugal (2022) – Hotelaria e Turismo em Portugal (

How many Michelin Star Restaurants are there in Lisbon in 2023 – early 2024?

There are currently 16 Michelin Star restaurants in Lisbon. Two of those restaurants have won two Michelin Stars. 100 Maneiras, Cura, Eleven, Encanto, Eneko Lisboa, Epur, Feitoria,  Kabuki Lisboa, Kanazawa, Loco, Fifty Seconds,  Fortaleza do Guincho, LAB by Sergi Arola, Midori, Alma has two stars Belcanto has two stars.


How many restaurants are there in Lisbon?

There were 4385 restaurants in Lisbon in 2021.


How many Pasteis de Belém are sold per day at the Fábrica de Pastéis de Belém?

20,000 per day.

“Entre turistas e residentes, estima-se que todos os dias sejam vendidos 20 mil Pastéis de Belém sendo que, em alguns fins-de-semana, este número duplica.”


How many elétrico trams are there in Lisbon?

There are five routes and 58 trams in Lisbon. 


How many metro stations are there in Lisbon?

There are four subway lines (red, blue, yellow, green) and 42 subways stations as of December, 2023.

How many miradouros or scenic viewpoints are there in Lisbon?

There are at least 38 miradouros or scenic viewpoints in Lisbon, probably more. Source: Miradouros em Lisboa • Portugal (

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How many hills are there in Lisbon?

Like Rome, Lisbon has seven hills. They are: São Jorge (where the castle is located), São Vicente, Sant’Ana, Santo André, Chagas, Santa Catarina e São Roque.

Source: As 7 Colinas de Lisboa | Mari Pelo Mundo – Viagens exclusivas e de luxo em família

How many churches are there in Lisbon?

The Catholic Patriarcate of Lisbon published a tourists’ guide to central Lisbon’s churches in 2015 called Guia das Igrejas da Cidade Lisboa. It features 119 churches.

Source: Patriarcado de Lisboa (

Portuguese Wikipedia has articles on 58 churches in Lisbon.

Source: Categoria:Igrejas de Lisboa – Wikipédia, a enciclopédia livre (

How many days of sunshine does Lisbon get per year?

Lisbon gets more than 260 days of sunshine per year.  Wikipedia calls Lisbon the sunniest capital city in Europe.


How long is the Vasco da Gama Bridge?

The Vasco da Gama Bridge is 17.2 km long. It is Portugal’s longest construction and it is the longest bridge in Europe.


How many black and white cobblestones are there in Lisbon?

There are 5 million square meters of black and white cobblestones in Lisbon’s sidewalks.

Source: Lisboa tem 5 milhões de m² de calçada. Precisa dela toda? Prós e contras (amen

How many buildings in Lisbon have azulejo tiles?

Lisbon has more than 3000 buildings with azulejo tile, with more than 400 different patterns.


How many gallons of water are there in the Lisbon Oceanarium?  

According to architects Quentin Thomas Associates, the central tank is 1.22 million gallons. 


How many tuk tuks are there in Lisbon?

According to APECATE, the Associação de Empresas de Congressos, Animação turística e Eventos, in 2019 there were between 600 and 700 tuk tuks operating in Lisbon. Source: Os 700 Tuk tuks que circulam em Lisboa vão ter novas regras em setembro (

When was Lisbon founded?

Archaeologists suggest that Barbarian tribes occupied the hilltop as early as 600 -800 BC. 

The hilltop has been held by the Phoenicians, the Carthaginians, and the Romans. 

The castle that you see today was built by the Moors circa 1050.  Source:

How many countries did Portugal colonize? 

Portugal had more than 50 colonies.

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